Sonali Bendre Love

This Cricketer was mad in Sonali Bendre Love and wanted to Kidnap Her

The relationship between the Bollywood Actresses and cricketers are not hidden from anyone from the world. There have been several Bollywood actresses who have fallen in the love of cricketers and vice versa. In the past, we have seen Anushka Sharma getting married to Virat Kohli. Similarly, several actresses in past have married the cricketers. […]

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Denim Dresses

Top 5 Elegant Summer Dresses to Upgrade your Wardrobe

These days everyone is conscious about their clothes. From casual wears to office wear, ethnic wear for the festive season as well as other functions, everyone needs a different kind of clothing for every occasion. Who doesn’t want to look fashionable and stylish? Surely everyone does! And to do that you need to have the […]

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Souq Best Deals

Souq Best Deals: Avail Free Shipping on Orders worth AED 100 and Above

,Souq has once again brought back exciting deals and deals of the day offers to bring some joy to the buyers this summer season. Carrying on from the Ray-Ban 62% offer sale, Eyewear sale watches sale, and E-book sale Souq has bought a comprehensive sale for all products listed on its website. Buyers would be […]

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Top 10 Baisakhi Wishes, Quotes 2018 for Whatsapp and Facebook

Celebrate this Baisakhi by wishing your Friend and Relatives happy Baisakhi. Send these top 10 quotes on Whatsapp and Facebook. May this Baisakhi brings more happiness to your life. Happy Baisakhi. Top 10 Baisakhi 2018 Quotes and Wishes: 1. May Wahe Guru fulfill all your wishes and bring prosperity and boundless joy in your life. Happy Baisakhi […]

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Fitted Wardrobes: 10 things you need to know

Fitted Wardrobes Fitted wardrobes company in London will right away make more space and can be custom-made to your room and way of life. Fitted wardrobes are an awesome expansion to any space, enabling you to sort out your garments, accessories, and shoes. If you are looking for best-fitted furniture company in London, then visit […]

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Check Out The Reason Behind An Indian Bride Throwing Rice During Her ‘Vidaai’

Why Indian Bride Throws Rice During Her Vidai? It is common to see Indian Bride throwing rice behind them. However, most of us are not aware of the right reason behind this tradition of rice throwing. Indian weddings are full of diverse rituals and traditions. Hindu marriages are beautiful and have a valid reason behind […]

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What is Bitcoin?

What is a Bitcoin(BTC)? How to trade in BTC in India?

What is a Bitcoin? Bitcoin (BTC) is worldwide decentralized cryptocurrency. It is a digital payment system. Bitcoins are not owned by any single person or organization. No one controls it. Like Rupees, Dollars it cannot be printed. Bitcoins are produced by people on computers all around the world by using a software which calculates some […]

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list of idioms from a to z

List Of All Idioms From A To Z For People Who are Eager to Learn English

List of Idioms with A A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushA bitter pill (to swallow)A blessing in disguiseA chip on your shoulderA dime a dozenA doubting ThomasA drop in the bucketA hot potatoA leopard can’t change its spotsA penny saved is a dollar earnedA picture paints a thousand wordsA taste […]

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Read Out the Simple Love Story of Indian Cricketer Ajinkya Rahane and Rashika Dhopavkar

Indian cricketers seem tough on the field, however, they are very much different in real life. They are quite romantic in real life. Over the years, we have come across many love stories of Indian cricketers that make us go weak in the knees. And today, we are bringing to you the love story of […]

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how to virgo cancer

How To Plan The Perfect Proposal For Your Girlfriend Based On Her Sun Sign

Sun signs play an important role in determining the personality of a person. It has a lot of influence on the nature of an individual. Thus, if you are head over heels in love with a girl and want to propose her in a unique manner so does not hold back and try to propose […]

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Top 10 freedom fighters of India

I-Day Special: Top 10 Great Freedom Fighters in Indian History.

India is a largest democratic country in the world with its longest written constitution in the world. India is going to celebrate its 70th Independence Day. India becomes free and independent nation since 15 August 1947. Earlier in India Aryans, the Persians, Iranians, Parses, and Mughals visited and invaded by Mongolians. After that Britishers came […]

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health insurance inflation

New and longstanding drivers of international health insurance inflation in 2017

International health insurance premiums saw an inflation rate of 9.2% in 2016 – the exact same percentage as 2015, and a marked increase from the 2014 inflation rate of 7.1%. So, why do health insurance premiums keep going up every year? To answer this question, global insurance broker Pacific Prime launched an in-depth report investigating the key factors influencing […]

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Read the Simple Love Story of Google CEO Sunder Pichai And His Wife Anjali, why they did not talk to each other for Six Months

We all know about Sunder Pichai. He is the CEO of biggest search engine Google. However, our knowledge about Sunder Pichai is just confined up to his professional life; we don’t know anything about Sunder Pichai personal life. Hence, today, we are going to tell you the love story of Google CEO Sunder Pichai.

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The photograph proves that first plastic surgery was conducted in the year of 1917 (736*534)

If you think that plastic surgery is the modern day affair, then you are wrong. The traces of plastic surgery goes back into the past. Some historian argues that first surgery was conducted thousand years ago and they have sufficient proof to support their claims.

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indian groom preparation tips

Five Easy Grooming Tips for Grooms For Their Wedding Day

The wedding is a precious and memorable moment in everyone’s life. This will give the traditional and elegant look to the bride. It gives a natural look on a special day. The wedding saree gives a perfect and wonderful garment to give a stunning look to the bride. Every bride makes their function in unique […]

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Inspirational Quotes

19 Inspirational Quotes to Achieve any Goal in Your Life.

Inspirational quotes has amazing ability to motivate some and it changes one’s way of thinking. It can be very effecting in transforming our life. A person who is very frustrated from his life can be a good achiever by following an inspirational quotes. So what’s their secret behind it? You can see, the way of […]

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