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The #Metoo movement has shocked the Bollywood. After Tanushree famous episode of accusing Nana Patekar for molesting her during the shooting of “Horn Okay” movie in 2008. A lot of Bollywood actresses have raised their voice against Sexism in the Bollywood. 

Today, we would be discussing the top 5 Bollywood actresses who have raised their voice against the prevalent casting couch in the Bollywood.

Top 5 Bollywood Actresses Raised their Voice against the Prevalent Casting Couch in the Bollywood

Bollywood is a controversial place. Every day you come across several stories that would completely stun you. There are several Bollywood actor and actresses who are indulged in scandals that shocked the world.

Let’s have a look at the top Bollywood actor and actresses who got into limelight with their bad work.

1. Aditya Pancholi And Kangana Ranaut:

Aditya Pancholi And Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut present superstar was not famous and popular once. She had a bad past that she would like to hide under the carpet. She was dating Aditya Pancholi when she entered into Bollywood. However, later on, she accused Aditya Pancholi of harassing her. Even Aditya Pancholi was earlier accused of raping her 15 years old maid.

2. Aman Verma:

Aman Verma

The famous Television actor and anchor was once seen harassing a Television report on camera. This news had created a lot of controversy in the media.

3. Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen:

Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen

Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen shocked the world when their MMS was leaked online when both of them were seen getting intimate with each other.

4. Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu:

Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu

In 2011, an audio tape had leaked online where Amar Singh had been seen talking adultery with politician Amar Singh. This news had got viral online and stirred a lot of controversy in media. However, later on, they both denied being a part of the leaked audio.

5. Madhur Bhandarkar And Preeti Jain:

Madhur Bhandarkar And Preeti Jain

Madhur Bhandarkar who is famous for making movies on the bold & controversial subject had trapped in this trap. The struggling actress Preeti Jain accused him of taking advantage of her.

6. Payal Rohtagi and Dibakar Banerjee:

Payal Rohtagi and Dibakar Banerjee

The talented director Dibakar Banerjee who made some great movies ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’ Love Sex and Dhokha and Byomkesh Mukherjee were accused by Payal Rohtagi for asking sexual favors. However, Dibakar Banerjee did not say anything about it. But his close friends Anurag Kashyap rebuked all these news and slam the actress for cheap publicity.

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Bollywood Actresses Who Decided To Get Married in Early Age

It is general conception among Bollywood actress that getting married at the early age would ruin their career. However, there are a lot of Bollywood actresses who choose to get married at the early age. In fact, many of these Bollywood actresses sacrificed their career and choose to settle down in their life.

Dimple Kapadia:

The beautiful actress Dimple Kapadia who rose to success after Bobby decided to get married to then superstar Rajesh Khanna. She was 17 years old when she decided to get married to Rajesh Khanna and stopped working in films for few years and started looking after her family.

Divya Bharati:

The sensation of 90’s Divya Bharati who rose to fame in just a few years decided to marry producer Sajid Nadiadwala. She was only 18 years old when she decided to marry to Sajid Nadiadwala. However, she died after few days of her marriage.


Bhagyashree Patwardhan:

Bhagyashree was launched opposite Salman Khan in ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ and rose to success. She became the heartthrob of everyone after the release of this movie. She married to her boyfriend Himalaya Dasani in 1991. After her marriage, she chose to stay away from the film. However, she did a few movies after marriage but she had a condition to only work opposite her husband but she did not get success after her marriage. She recently again started working on films and televisions.

Neetu Kapoor:

One of the most beautiful actresses of 70’s Neetu Kapoor married to then chocolate boy Rishi Kapoor. She was only 21 when she decided to marry him. Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor had a good friendship before the marriage but eventually, they decided to take their love into marriage. After getting married to Rishi Kapoor she left movies and focused on her family. She recently acted opposite Rishi Kapoor in ‘Do Dooni Chaar’ and opposite her son Ranbir Kapoor and husband Rishi Kapoor in ‘Besharam’.

Do you desire to get fishing experience on the upcoming trip? First, you need to make sure the right destination selection for more enjoyment. Alaska is the ideal destination chosen by many based on various reasons let the fishing enthusiastic to begin fishing.

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If you are in Alaska fishing lodge not only entertainment and make you crazy surely you can learn worthy life lessons. You will know how to remain patient and waiting for long to catch the bigger one or understand today isn’t the lucky day. Nevertheless, fishing defines preference and builds the skill give you incredibly well in the life with different aspects. You can learn survival skills, how to begin a fire, clean a fish and warm along with fishing let you explore passion and new hobbies.

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4. Enjoying thrilling fish hunt:-

There’s no doubt, the fish hunt is the thrilling activity while you wait for longer and caught a big fish. Only, the experienced individual knows the memories and how it excites you to involve in the adventures. You can simply try out known fishing techniques and follow the professional skills to explore the territories, stunning natural sites, and some others. You can capture each successful catch and learn further as well feel pride yourself.

5. Extremely good for health:-

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The Alaska fishing lodge gives best ever experience, make some memories, fly alone, spend some time on family vacation. The lifetime memorable trip will show how you enjoyed and opportunity to experience many to do. You can book the fishing adventure Alaska and bear in mind the reasons that you are going to receive. The upcoming trip to Alaska makes the dream true and ready to count the number of fish that you hunt in the fishing adventure. You can learn everything as a beginner and develop more for huge happiness.

Do you engage in Twitter for business purpose? In the globe, many business enterprises utilize the Twitter to invest more to fetch the business to the next level. The investors who invest in the twitter give more importance on products and services promotion. Are you interested to bring credibility, influence, and exposure? The one who wants to get noticed along with creating newer or continue the relationships on Twitter with full influencers get help to gain the online influence effectively.

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Follow these 3 Best Marketing Strategies:

1. Keep Relationship with Influencers:-

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The influencers are suitable to promote the business goals and enter into the social media. You need to follow the influencers on whole accounts so they surely become familiar with you and helpful to gain visibility to keep a beneficial relationship.

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Ranveer Singh – Deepika Padukone’s film earns Rs 113 crore


Padmaavat Box Office Collection: Padmavat which has been news for all the bad reasons is finally bringing good news for the makers. The film that finally released on 25th January is set to cash register ringing ever since its release. The movie is equipped with the stellar cast of Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and Shahid Kapoor. The movie raked 83 crores in the first three days and according to the trade experts the movie has managed to earn another 30 crores on the 4th day which was, fortunately, Sunday taking its total to whopping 113 crores.

Well, the numbers have really etched the smile on the face of makers especially Sanjay Leela Bhansali who was on the receiving end since the announcement of this movie. Finally, he can take a sigh of relief.

The movie is reported to be the highest grosser of Ranveer Singh and Shaheed Kapoor till date. The movie has garnered positive response and almost positive reviews from everyone making it so successful. Now, let’s see how this movie performs in coming weekdays. It would be really interesting to see that.

Who will win the Bigg Boss season 11?

Who will win the Bigg Boss season 11 is a question that has become omnipresent. It is common to see people discussing Bigg boss season 11 winner in office, college or while commuting. It seems that fever of Bigg boss has left no one intact. Even for the change of your mind if you open Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media channels you will see Bigg boss stories or participants fan fighting or hurling abuses at each other. Thus, if you are also an ardent fan of Bigg boss 11 and want to know that who will win this season then go through the following post.

Shilpa Shinde will win the show?

If you are Hina Khan fan then this post might offend you hence please don’t read further because I am going, to tell the truth with the reason why Shilpa Shinde will win the show.

So without wasting your time any further let’s check out the reason why Shilpa Shinde deserves to lift the trophy.


Even Salman Khan always said this that she has a good sense of humor and immensely entertaining that goes on to prove that how much she has impressed Salman Khan to make this statement. Shilpa Shinde has emerged as the best entertainer of the Bigg Boss season 11 with her antics. Her fight with Vikas Gupta, in the beginning, got her flak from the viewers but it kept viewers entertained. Moreover, she developed mother son and daughter relation with fellow contestants Aakash and Arshi that entertained viewers. Throughout the season she remained at the center stage and it seemed that this show is all about her.


Shilpa Shinde has won many hearts with her caring attitude toward the fellow contestants. She has been seen in the kitchen all the time cooking for the housemates.

The ex-contestants of the house all estimated her win which is also one of the reasons that can make her lift the trophy.
A large number of celebrities also predicated her victory. The last season finalist Manu Punjabi said that Shilpa never showed her negative side and always remain positive during her stay in the house. And considering the history of this show, people who remain positive throughout the season or white collar people always win the show.

In the live voting in a shopping mall, she got the most votes and left her competitor behind by a large margin.

So these reasons make her the possible winner of the Bigg Boss season 11.

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes company in London will right away make more space and can be custom-made to your room and way of life. Fitted wardrobes are an awesome expansion to any space, enabling you to sort out your garments, accessories, and shoes. If you are looking for best-fitted furniture company in London, then visit us. The ideal answer for optimizing each square inch of your home, floor to roof fitted wardrobes won’t just free up truly necessary space, however, they can likewise be tailored to meet your individual requirements. Also, in case you’re struggling with space in your home or you’re urgently looking for more storage, you’ve certainly arrived in the right place!. So in case, you’re arranging a makeover for your room, one thing to consider is introducing fitted wardrobes. They look smart, can be worked to your requirements, and make more storage room. Here’s all that you have to think about fitted wardrobes.

1. Great space saving or intelligent, efficient use of space

Have you ever experienced a sinking feeling when you moved your unsupported wardrobe into the room, and you realized that the size and shape were all off-base? Perhaps the wardrobe was too huge, and it dominated the room and overpowered alternate furniture. Or on the other hand may be the wardrobe was too small, and looked diminutive and hopeless in the midst of alternate component in the room. Ever had an unsupported wardrobe that is standing out, and looked awkward regardless of where you put it? Have you at any point purchased an unsupported wardrobe, just to find that it wouldn’t fit through the door in the room where you needed to put it? Have you at any point been baffled by wasted space in your room, on the grounds that the wardrobe was excessively little, and it left unusable regions between itself and at least one dividers?

You can exile these stresses by planning a fitted wardrobe that fits consistently into the room. Your fitted wardrobe will be only the correct size, with no wasted space.

2. An investment for the home or It’s an investment

At the point when it’s a great opportunity to of selling your home, your fitted wardrobe will be seen as a benefit. Your investment will be paid back due to the premium that house buyers put on the great utilization of storage room. Fitted wardrobes come in a scope of costs, however, in the event that you know you will receive the benefits when you sell, it positively pays to decide on the best wardrobes you can manage.

3. Choice of materials, Just the Right Materials, and Finishes

Have you at any point bought a freestanding wardrobe that you thought would be simply ideal for your home — but then when you brought it home you found that the wood finish didn’t exactly coordinate alternate surfaces and fixtures in the room? Have you thought about putting in hours, days or even weeks stripping and sanding the paint off an old wardrobe so you could refinish it to coordinate better with its condition? When you built a fitted wardrobe, you can utilize materials that will complement your different furnishing flawlessly.

4. Pay attention to the finishing as well, Clean More Efficiently

Ever get tired of dragging a stage stool over to the unattached wardrobe to clean its highest point? Do you get of clearing dust bunnies out from underneath of it? What’s more, cobwebs out from between the walls and the freestanding wardrobe?

While you can’t prevent creepy spiders from taking up to your new fitted wardrobe, at any rate, you won’t support them with the inclusion of unused space.

You likewise need the handles and other visible parts of the door to mix in with rest of the room. All the more significantly, you need them to be simple on the eye and ready to catch consideration at the same time. This is the reason you have to focus on the highlights as well as the finishing of the wardrobes also.

5. Contemporary, Up-To-Date Style

A fitted wardrobe recognizes your contemporary new home from older or vintage homes that don’t ordinarily incorporate such updated features. It is costly to redesign a more established home to include a fitted wardrobe, but when you are building a brand new home it is sensible to grab the open door for including exactly the style of wardrobe that you want.

6. Did you know that doors can make a difference?

With regards to choosing the design of your fitted wardrobes, it’s essential that you consider the size and shape of the room you are working with as this will affect the kind of doors you can choose.

For instance, in case you’re limited on space, you should choose a bi-fold or sliding wardrobe door. Also, remember, if you are working with a small room, you should consider reflected fitted wardrobes as these can create the dream of a bigger room!

7. Preparation is key

Obviously, before you start any interior design project, the arrangement is critical! In view of this, you should measure the roof height at both ends of the room, and additionally in the center point of the roof to decide if the plan of your wardrobe needs to accommodate an uneven roof.

Next, it’s critical that you additionally check the floor level as fitted furniture would now be able to be designed to meet correct measurements or a variety of the floor level. Furthermore, with regards to your choice of flooring, fitted wardrobes tend to work best on a hard floor instead of a cover. This is because wardrobes fitted on carpet can drop after some time.

8. Integrated lighting, Remember to have the right type of lighting

Lighting is one factor that is regularly overlooked when it comes to wardrobe design. With detached wardrobes, one regularly needs to depend on external light sources for enlightenment, particularly on dull, shady mornings. Be that as it may, worked in wardrobe can be composed of incorporated light installations.

Settle on spotlights at the highest point of your wardrobes and LED strip lights for the interior shelves. This can make it simpler to find clothes in deep drawers and racks, sparing a ton of time and energy.

9.Future-proof your home

With regards to choosing your fitted wardrobe, it’s imperative that you take a look at it as a long-term arrangement that will develop with your family.

Because of this present, its vital you pick a plan and complete that not just suits your own style and existing decor layout now, but will also suit your taste later down the line.

You will rapidly observe that there are a wide variety of plans and finishes available that will suit contemporary or customary stylistic theme decisions, so make sure that your decision increases the value of your home


You should consider the sort of storage space you need it to be used for. Do you require a shoe rack or do you require more rail space than racks?


Another factor to consider is whether you’d like the wardrobe to fuse a mirror. Some built-in wardrobes highlight mirrored external boards or mirrors within doors in the event that you need a full-length mirror. Fitted wardrobes that join a dressing table have small mirrors at eye-level which are ideal for applying makeup.


Many organizations that offer fitted wardrobes offer professional installation services as well but this is not a condition. It’s possible to fit a wardrobe yourself. In any case, there are many companies had some expertise in DIY packs. On the off chance that you discover fitting a wardrobe difficult, call an expert.Our skilled workers from a London organization Making World Beautiful.

How to do SEO on a local website?

This is a million dollar question that is being asked by every SEO professional. Local SEO is a bit different from the average SEO campaign. The local SEO factors vary too much as compared to average SEO campaign. It is also being said that local SEO results rapidly change. Therefore, you need to be on your toes if you are working on local SEO project.

Most of the SEO professional get confused while working on a local business project. It seems quite challenging to them to rank on the first page of Google in local SEO.

However, today, we are going to tell you the step by step procedure to rank on the first page of Google in local SEO campaign.

On page signals

Before you roll your sleeves up and march after link building, you need to scrutinize yours on a page. You need to pay detail attention to all on page seo factors such as meta title, description, keywords, h1 tag and img alt tag.

How to optimize title tag for local SEO business?

While creating title tag for a website which focuses on all over the world we consider different things. However, in case of local business so we have to adopt a different strategy while creating title tag for local business. Remember to include a phone number in the title tag on each page. And make sure that your phone number & name of the business and address should be same on each page because Google considers this thing.

Use Address & Phone Number in Description

Try to include address or city name and phone number in the meta description as it will help you rank better in SERP.

Optimize H1 Tag

Use keywords in H1 tag and include the name of the city. For example: if you are working on a dentist site in Delhi, so your h1 tag should include the name of the city in it. And practice the same thing while optimizing the image alt tag.

Google Business Page

If you are doing local business SEO then don’t forget to optimize your Google business page. If you have not claimed a business page, then, go ahead and do it. Google business page will also help in improving your overall ranking.

How to add Google business page?

To know how to add Google business page visit this page.

  1. Add detail description of your product on Google business page.
  2. Choose the right category in Google business page for example if you are doing so of a dentist so choose dentist or health care in Google business page as the category.
  3. Google gives you the opportunity to upload pictures so make most out of this opportunity. And upload as many pictures as you have on Google business page.
  4. Do not forget to add a local phone number to your business page.
  5. Add your business address in Google business page and make sure that you use the same address everywhere.
  6. Upload a high-resolution profile image and cover photo.
  7. Add your opening times/days (if relevant).
  8. To rank high get the review from local people.

Efficiently optimizing your local page will definitely give a boost to your ranking.

Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically over the time. And this will be going to change in 2018. As we are entering in 2018, go through the below-mentioned SEO techniques for 2018.

1. Amp(Accelerated Mobile Pages) Pages

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a free, open-source framework that allows you to create mobile pages that deliver content quickly. It consists of HTML, JS, and cache libraries that, thanks to specific extensions and AMP-focused properties, accelerate load speed for mobile pages, even if they feature ‘rich’ content like infographics, PDFs, audio or video files.

2. Guesto Graphic

As you know that gaining backlinks are the backbone of SEO strategy and this method can help us gain enormous backlinks and traffic as well. To successfully get backlinks through this method, first of all, you have to go to Google and type “Best Social Media Scheduler App” or “Definitive Guide to Social Media Scheduler” And Google will show you a list of blogs that tend to cover that topic:

Now you can open any of these links and check their popularity and domain authority by using SEMrush or ahref. If a blog has good page and domain authority, you can create a compelling infographic related to their post and contact them with a personalized mail.

You can contact several bloggers who have written in the related niche with our infographic and doing this can help us obtain some useful links and traffic as well.

Aside from searching the popular blogs through Google, you can also use AllTop blog directory or hub pages to find the best blogs in our niche.

3. Blogger Reviews

In this technique, you will find bloggers in our niche such as or other popular bloggers in our niche and contact them to use software or services for free and ask them to write a review about This technique will help us drive traffic and backlinks as well.

4. Testimonials

All companies love to show off their customer testimonials. Hence, you can use already existing social media scheduler apps and send them testimonials and this way you can also gain some quality backlinks.

5. Link Reclamation

This is a great technique that will help us to increase our domain authority and traffic in no time. In this technique, you will use tools such as Buzzsumo to find your sites or blogs who have been using the status brew name but not providing it a backlink. With this technique, you can find all these sites and shoot them an email to provide us a backlink.


Hire a Reporter Out is your site that will also help us to gain quality backlinks. You need to sign up at Haro and on daily basis, you get emails from bloggers who will be looking for essential resources and by answering their questions you can get some quality backlinks.

7. Round-Up Post

A roundup post is when you interview a few people about the same topic or make a list of the “best” of something. By doing this, you can get thousands of people on your site. And give exposure to your site in front of a new audience.

8. Give Interviews

You can use this method as to enhance your brand value and gain traffic. To do so, you will contact the famous bloggers in the same niche and ask them to interview us. Doing it can help us gain quality backlinks and strengthen our brand value.

Not only is it a great way to get different viewpoints into your article and learn new things, it also helps grow your SEO rankings and traffic.

9. Broken Link Method

In this method,  first of all, you will find the pages which have currently moved on or abandon their business of the same niche. Now, you will use their domain name to find the linking to them using tools such as SEMrush or Buzzsumo. Now you will write a quality post on the same topic and contact the bloggers informing them about the broken link and also providing them a link to our blog post written on the same topic. This technique will also help us to gain traffic and backlink.

10. Skyscraper Technique

In this method, first of all, you will go to Google and find the top ranking blog post and taking an idea from that post you will write a better post. This is also a great technique to rank high in Google and gain quality backlinks.

11. Guest Posting

You can use twitter and facebook groups to find bloggers interested in guest posting. You can use this method to gain backlinks.

12. Education & Government Backlinks

You can create a scholarship page and contact various education sites who are interested in scholarship. This way you can gain quality backlinks for You can contact government websites as a resource page to provide a discount to government employees.

13. Infographic

You can create a quality infographic and submit on various infographic directories to gain backlinks.

Using these methods will increase the domain authority and bring traffic on I have tried all these methods for my websites and they have paid me off very well.

14. Social Media Management

Currently, Statusbrew facebook page has 34000 likes. To increase followers and engagements on Facebook, you can upload videos and articles on the facebook page. You can also join groups in the same niche and share videos and blog post in these groups.

To increase engagement on Facebook, you can start a quiz competition on monthly basis and the winner will be given a prize. This way you can enhance our followers and brand awareness.

Moreover, you can share controversial posts that will help us to increase post likes and followers.

You can also run ads on Facebook to promote app and services.

Similarly, on Twitter & Instagram,  you can follow influencer bloggers in the same niche.

To increase followers and strengthen the reputation of your company. You can contact influencer bloggers on twitter and ask them to share our blog. This method will put us in the front of the wide audience and also increase our brand value and reputation on Twitter.

I always keep myself up to date with the fast moving SEO field, particularly technology and search engine trends, social media trends, changing algorithm and ranking factors.

Who are the best serial killers in the history?

Who are the best serial killers in the history of humankind is a question that intrigues everyone. Serial killers are criminals who are engaged in killing three or four people usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification. Over the decades, we have come across several grave serial killers and their stories that can send chills down in our spines. Hence, if you are looking for the list of gruesome serial killers in the history of humankind, then go through the following list.

Snapchat is emerging as new social media promotion platform. Over the years, it has turned from only photo sharing and instant messaging to an important platform for businesses to promote their promote their product or services. With 100 million users active on this platform, Snapchat is challenging Facebook and other social media sites. Hence, if you are wondering how to use Snapchat for business purpose, then go through this post that would help to know how to use Snapchat for brand promotion.

Before using this platform, you have to decide whether you want to use this platform is good for your business model. Snapchat is basically social media platform that allows users to share customized video or audio with their friends on phone.

Thus, if your brand is image heavy, then it is good to use this platform. Snapchat proves an excellent marketing platform for retail, fashion, jewelry brand because they all use alluring images.

Every woman loves to use designer handbags. Unluckily, not every woman can afford it. Few women have sufficient budget to buy their dream handbags. Other women, though, purchase the pre-owned handbags as they do not like to pay complete cost for the brand new bags. The user, pre-owned and pre-loved designer handbags are right choice to go as well as there are numerous options. If you are looking for the used handbags, you should know the famous designer brands, materials, and styles.

List of 7 healthy foods that keep you warm during winters

As the mercury level, drops and winter approach the energy level of our body’s has also started to drop down and it becomes tenacious for the body to conserve the energy and heat to keep you warm during the winters. As the time progresses the temperature will continue to drop and winters become more brutal. Therefore, aside from sleeping in a cozy blanket or donning yourself in chunky sweater won’t be enough to protect yourself in this winter. You should eat these 7 healthy foods this winter that will keep you warm and immune this winter.

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Nuts: Nuts are going to be the perfect food to keep yourself warm and active during the cold temperature. Who does not like munching a bowl of nuts on freezing winter. There are different types of nuts that you can include in your breakfast or any meal of the day. Cashew nuts, cinnamon, pistachio, peanuts or walnuts, you can have all these all together to keep yourself toasty this winter.

How to remove stretch marks or what is the best home remedy for removing the stretch mark from skin? Is some of the important questions that have been asked by people who are suffering from this problem. It is common problem in girls especially to those who have given birth to a child. This problem is not confined only to woman even boys also confront this issue due to overweight. Stretch marks are commonly spotted on the abdominal wall, buttock, upper arms, and breasts.

Why Indian Bride Throws Rice During Her Vidai?

It is common to see Indian Bride throwing rice behind them. However, most of us are not aware of the right reason behind this tradition of rice throwing. Indian weddings are full of diverse rituals and traditions. Hindu marriages are beautiful and have a valid reason behind all these traditions. So, if you are not fully aware of the reason behind throwing rice during the Vidaai, then go through this article.

Vidai is an important and heartfelt moment for any girl. She is entering the new house and new life leaving behind her family and friends. And this is one of the most emotional and tearjerking moments for any girl and her family.

In simple word, the meaning of Vidaai is ” GoodBye” and this is what this ceremony is all about. While stepping out of the threshold of her home, bride throws three or five handfuls of rice behind her and family members spread their pallu to collect the grains. Thereafter, the bride is escorted toward the car without looking back.

According to Indian mythology, girls are considered to be the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. It is being propagated that her presence in the house is the sign of wealth and prosperity. However, post her marriage, she has to leave her parents home and it is believed that she takes her streak of luck along with her. Therefore, a bride throws back the rice as the sign of reassurance. It means that though she is leaving her home she will keep praying for her family well being and prosperity.

Apart from this, the other signs of this ritual are that by this ritual a girl thanks her family for doing everything to her. In addition to that, she throws rice back to nullify all the negativities and spiritual debt behind her.

Now the question might be arising in your mind that why rice, not something else? So, the answer to this question is that rice is one staple that has been used in every culture be it west or east. In the west, bride and groom are showered with rice as a symbol of prosperity, auspiciousness and wealth.

Rice is considered to be a staple of Indian diet because of its usefulness. It is being eaten everywhere around the country and is an intrinsic part of Indians diet. Moreover, this staple ward off negativity and ill effects.

This is an antique tradition but an essential one which you must include in your wedding.

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