List of 7 healthy foods that keep you warm during winters

As the mercury level, drops and winter approach the energy level of our body’s has also started to drop down and it becomes tenacious for the body to conserve the energy and heat to keep you warm during the winters. As the time progresses the temperature will continue to drop and winters become more brutal. Therefore, aside from sleeping in a cozy blanket or donning yourself in chunky sweater won’t be enough to protect yourself in this winter. You should eat these 7 healthy foods this winter that will keep you warm and immune this winter.

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Nuts: Nuts are going to be the perfect food to keep yourself warm and active during the cold temperature. Who does not like munching a bowl of nuts on freezing winter. There are different types of nuts that you can include in your breakfast or any meal of the day. Cashew nuts, cinnamon, pistachio, peanuts or walnuts, you can have all these all together to keep yourself toasty this winter.

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