Don’t Click on this message on WhatsApp, It could be a big loss.

whatsapp fake subscription message

Nowadays most people who use smartphones and they definitely use WhatsApp. It has become an easy and fast way of communication. People are WhatsApp in every sector for communicating with each other. Even some new offers are being offered on behalf of WhatsApp, which gives customers many facilities. Hackers and fraudsters are now targeting WhatsApp because of the use of WhatsApp by more and more people in the world.

People getting Fake Message on WhatsApp

These days, a message is coming to the people’s app, which states that one-year subscription is ending and if you want to enjoy these services further then you have to pay first. There is also a link in this message, which clicks on to open a payment page, which asks for bank details.

This message is not from WhatsApp

It is very important to know here that this message is not being sent on behalf of the WhatsApp. In this way, some hackers are trying to steal people’s bank accounts by using the payment page. Using this details, this hacker is in a hurry to fly money from the users’ accounts. It is being said that this message is coming to the people in the UK, but it may be that in the future time people of India will also receive similar messages. WhatsApp has also announced that it will take money from people after one year of free service, but in January 2016, WhatsApp has canceled its plan.

If you receive this type of message, don’t click on it. And delete this message as soon as possible.

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