Mumbai man throws 19-year-old woman out of running train after she refuses to give money

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An unidentified person allegedly is thrown off a 19-year-old girl from running train. This incident took place when the train was leaving Virar station. The girl has dislocated her shoulder in this incident. However, the man who pushed her off the train managed to flee the spot. While talking to media her brother said that she was alone in lady coach when this incident happened but there was no constable in the coach available at that time. The Vasai police have said that they are looking for the man who threw off the girl from the train. They are going through the CCTV camera footage to find the man.

The girl narrated the incident stating that she was alone in the coach and man walked in the coach and demanded money, however, when she refused to pay money then he dragged her to the door of coach and pushed her out.

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