19 Things A Girl Probably Does not Know About A Guy, But need to know


If you think that guys are not emotional then you are wrong if a boy really loves you, so he could not forget you easily especially after the breakup.

A boy can go crazy over your smile and can do everything to make you smile if he likes you.

If he is interested in you, then he would do everything that will make you notice him whether it’s silly or laughable.

He literally hates it if while talking to him you start discussing about your ex-boyfriend.

If he likes you and head over heels with you, then he would expect from you to only talk with him.

He would easily get possessive and jealous seeing you talking to other guys.

If he really loves you, then he would expect from you to confess your love to him again and again.

Whether he accepts it or not, you are his weakness.

If he is sharing his concerns and problems with you, then it does not mean that he is interested in

listening to your advice.

If he constantly teases you, then it means that he is truly in love with you.

Generally, guys use words like “hot” and “cute” to describe that they like you.

If a guy confesses that he is really crazy after you, so he really means it.

If he asks you to leave him alone, then, he actually means you to stay by his side.

If he talks seriously with you, then pay your all attention to him because it rarely happens with boys.

Boys talk about girls more than girls talk about boys.

No boy can handle his all problems, but he shows himself in front of you that he is capable of handling his problems.

If a guy looks into your eyes more than seconds, then he is completely fallen for you.

Guys like when you rub their neck… so, if he is allowing you to rub his neck then its a prove that he really likes you.

If a guy allows you to meet with his family, then he is serious about the relation and really wants to take it to the next step.

If a guy tells you that you are beautiful then don’t stop him saying because then you would stop receiving complements in future. a