20 Types of People You Meet While Travelling in an Indian Train

annoying kids

Train’s are the lifeline of Indians. We all have our shares of sweet and bitter memories while traveling on Indian Trains. Train journeys are quite adventurous and full of fun because you get to see new places and new people. Those small conversations and chit chat with your fellow passengers make your trip memorable and teach you a lot. Hence, today we are going to discuss 18 types of people you meet while traveling on Trains.

Which Station Person?

You must have come across a person on the train who constantly ask you about the next station irrespective of the fact whether he wants to deboard there or not. He is so curious that even if you avoid him, he will not bother to disturb you, again and again, asking you “Bhai Sahab Agla Station Kaun Sa Hai?

The Talkative Uncle
Whether you are interested in talking to him or not, he would pick up any random topic and compel you to indulge in conversation with you.
He can talk to you about anything under the sun so get ready if he asks you some personal question. But these type of people helps in spending time in Trains. They hold master degree in communication so be ready to chat with them.

Every Station is My Station

This type of person has been appointed by Railway especially to check the condition of railway because they hop off at every station to check whether everything is going fine or not. They would indulge in small talks with Potter, local people, and samples the food on every station. Nonetheless, sometimes when the train stops at the middle of nowhere, they don’t forget their duty of stepping down from the train.

Bookworm: They mind their own business and don’t give a damn what happens to them. They are one of the nicest people to travel with.

The Robinhood Type: This type of person has embarked on a journey to help others. You would see them sharing their food, water, and seat with co-passenger. And if this is not satisfactory, he would help other people finding their seats, helping them to arrange their luggage and what not.

Always Hungry Person: The minute they will sit on the train, they open their tiffins and start eating be it home food, station food, chips, local dishes they won’t leave anything. And if by mistake if a food seller doesn’t listen to them and passes by they won’t mind asking for a favor from people on Station “Bhaiya Usko Bulana.

To match Insight INDIA-RAILWAYS

Snorers: Okay you booked a ticket and wanted to travel comfortably. But as soon as you close your eyes you hear a loud & horrible sound which can wake you from a deep slumber. This type of people has special instrument fit in their nose which can able to produce some nasty sound. However, this nasty sound is not to disturb him but for others.


Gadget Man: You must have seen this type of person who sits on the train and opens his device be it phone or laptop and get busy with his work. He minds his own business and doesn’t disturb others and keep working until his destination arrives. He seems to be the busiest person on this earth and doesn’t have even iota of time to waste looking at his co-passengers or out of the window.

gadget users in train

Seat Hunters: This type of person can be found on any train. They are the poorest souls who have booked their seats to travel with their friends and family, but as fate would have it, they get seats in different compartments. So you would see them around you requesting from everyone to exchange their seats.

RAC or Waiting List: They are also one of poorest soul you will find on the train. They are the victims of our system. They book tickets, but due to some reasons, their tickets are not confirmed. So, you would see them requesting from confirmed ticket person to give them.

Window Seat Addict: This person reserves window seat and prefers to sit only there. And if by mistake you ask him to exchange seat he would look at you the way you have asked for his kidneys. He is no nonsense person and would not listen to anyone.

The Bhajan Geet Sammelan! They are one of the most annoying types of co-passengers. They would not bother about fellow passengers comfort and keep chanting Bhajans in a loud voice. If you happen to sit next to them then God save you and your ears.

Over Nice Person: Okay, this type of person tries to be extra nice with you. He would pick your bag, help you ordering food and what not! And have you ever thought because his ticket is not confirmed and want to a place rest and to do so he does buttering. His honey coated words are enough to melt you and let you share your seat with him.

Upper Berth Uncle: The moment this uncle will board the train, he would not talk to anyone and climb up on his upper berth no matter whether it’s morning, afternoon, he has paid to sleep so who can stop him from doing so. But the only problem is that at every station he would ask you “Kaun Sa Station Hai” and asks you to pass food, water bottle and what not.

Agla Station Kaun Sa Hai: Whether he has to deboard train at next station or not, this extra curious gentleman would keep asking you about the next station. You hope that he is asking for the station because he wants to get down, but no he is asking it to enhance his knowledge and pass his time.

funny indian rail pictures

The Gamers: They board the train with lots of games be it chess, carem board or cards. And the minute train leaves the station, they start playing, and they don’t mind asking you to try a hand.

Transgenders: They are the most annoying person you can meet on the train. They would demand money from you as you had taken money from them. And they don’t ask but order you to pay them money, and if by mistake you deny, then they start their drama which finally gets over once you agree to pay them.

The I Know Guy: This guy knows everything about what’s happening in country, abroad or anywhere. You can’t argue with this person because he thinks that he knows everything be it sports, politics or entertainment, you name the topic and he would start his speech.

Annoying Kids: You will find them climbing up & down the seat. They will not settle down and make it difficult for you to enjoy your journey. 

annoying kids

And This One Is Epic: 

stunt on train

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