4 Famous Indian Dishes That Every Foodie Must Try in Dubai!

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There are two classes of people that exist around the world one who eats to survive and the other who eat to thrive. And if you belong to the second class of people and above it, if you are an epicurean and strives to indulge your taste buds in a variety of tantalizing cuisines, but to no avail, then Amritsr Restaurant – is among the best indian restaurants in Dubai is going to prove your ultimate food destination. Thus, if you love the gastronomic delights of Indian cuisines, then, Amritsr Restaurant is a treat for all foodies where you can’t only give a treat to your taste buds but also learn to prepare Indian dishes.

Thus, today we would discuss 4 Amritsari food items that every foodie must try once!

Amritsar is famously called as “Land of Guru’s“, it is considered to be the culinary capital of India. Apart from the famous “Golden Temple,” the holiest shrine of Sikhs, this place is also popular around the world for its mouth-watering food. Punjabi and food are synonyms of each other. They are inseparable when it comes to food. To them food is everything, and no one can savor the fatty delicacies in all its true splendor as a Punjabi does!

Thus, if you are in awe with Indian food, then, must visit Amritsar to try these following dishes.

Lassi: Lassi is one of the highlights of Punjabi cuisine. Lassi is the pride and joy of Punjabi Cuisine. It is one of the most loved beverages across the country during the sweltering summer. It is touted to be the oldest beverages of the world flock around the North Indian eateries. A sip of delicious & sweet lassi with dollops of cream is hard to resist until you finish the last sip. It is being made in clay pots in Punjab. Thus, if you are happened to be in Amritsar to taste this delicious dish.

Kulcha: Kulcha and Amritsar are synonyms of each other. You can’t find the taste similar to Amritsari Kulcha anywhere around the world. Amritsari Kulcha’s are famous for their unique way of preparation often served with spicy channa will soothe your taste buds. Amritsari Kulcha’s are being found everywhere in the city. Hence, you can try it anywhere basically stuffed with boil potatoes; onion will make your day in one bite.

Chole Bhature: Talk about Punjabi food is incomplete without the special mentioning of mouth-watering tasty Chole Bhature. Chole Bhature is found in almost every eateries across India. However, Amritsari Chole Bhature is extremely famous and tasty, thus, one must try this dish while in this city.

Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti: Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki roti the name itself is enough to make your mouth water. Mostly eaten in Winters since mustard is grown abundantly in this season makes it quite famous with locals. It’s made up of mustard leaves and is usually eaten with cornmeal rotis. One must try this dish during his/her visit to Dubai.

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