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5 Best iPhone & Android Free Voice Call Making Apps You Don’t Know

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Sometimes making phone calls using our airtime is a daunting task. We know that sometimes we forget to recharge our phones or stuck in a place where we could not get access to mobile recharge stores. In those situations, we realize the real importance of mobile recharges. However, if you are running out of mobile recharge, and required to make an important call, then please use these five free phone calls making apps for iPhone and Android phones which will help you significantly in difficult times.

Viber: Viber is one of the most famous free call making tool available online. If you and your friend both have Viber installed on then your phone, then you can make a call to each other without any charges. Along with free calls, you can also send free text messages and free images to your friends & family.

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Facetime: If you are using iPhone, then, face time is the best app to make free calls. So, if you and your friend both have FaceTime installed then can make FaceTime audio calls to each other without any fee.

You can easily download this app from iTunes and select the friend you want to make a call to.

Tap on FaceTime audio icon and start making calls.

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Truphone: Truphone is also another fantastic app that you can use to make free calls. Truphone has similar functionality as Viber, and it is considered to be a rival of Viber. It has the edge over Viber due to a large number of additional functionality it performs. Truphone enables you to make quality calls over wifi.

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Moreover, Truphone provides you another additional feature TruSim in the countries where Truphone cellular connection is available.

Nimbuzz: If you have not installed above-featured apps, then you can opt for Nimbuzz free voice calling app on iPhone to make free calls. Along with it, Nimbuzz also provides you access to send text messages, pictures, and videos without any charges.

Wephone: If you desire a simple interface and easy to use free voice calling app, then, wephone can prove your best choice. Wephone is quite cheaper, and you are not required to pay any charges to install & use it. Nonetheless, if you desire for high-quality calls, then, you need to pay minimal charges to attain a premium account of wephone.

WePhone for iPhone

Hence, these are some free calls making apps on the iPhone that you can install on your iPhone.

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