5 Travel Locations You Shouldn’t Miss in 2023 If You’re In India! (Updated)

5 Travel In India

The New Year has finally arrived, and it is time to make some new resolutions and promises. Now, if you also have travel hunger, then you must have made a list to visit in 2023. If you haven’t prepared the visit list yet then do not worry anymore, we are here to help you to make travel plans that you can visit each month. India is a beautiful country that holds countless hill stations, seas, historical temples and buildings, mountains, crowded cities, world-famous markets, rivers, beaches, and many more places worth visiting once in life. It is tough to pick the top 5 travel destinations of India.

You can also add casino games to your itinerary if you enjoy betting and winning while playing. One can check the latest update on new channels before doing the same. But we managed to pick the best of the best idyllic destinations around India that you shouldn’t miss in 2023 if you are in India.

Five Travel Locations Are:

1. Sethan Village

Sethan Village

Take a bus from New Delhi to Manali and then an hour’s drive to reach the quaint little hamlet that is situated in the snow-clad mountains of Himachal Pradesh. It is the perfect place for getting an escape from crowded and polluted city life. It is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy an enjoyable experience of winter at the start of the year. The beautiful hill station provides to trek, and experience living in igloos and skiing. The beautiful valleys and mountain views force the people of the whole world to visit there, so if you are in India in 2023 then you must visit this place to be a witness of heaven on earth.

2. Udaipur


The city of Lakes is the perfect travel destination for getting an escape from the bone-chilling winters of North India. It is recommended to hire a bike for getting a better experience of traveling and exploring the rich history of the city. You can take a flight from Maharana Pratap Airport to reach your destination. We suggest that you do not miss the scenic boat ride on Lake Pichola and enjoy the gorgeous sunset view at Monsoon Palace. The delectable dishes and the excellent street foods are other attractions of the city.

3. Kerala


The state contains countless places worth visiting such as the tea estates of Munnar, the lagoons of Alleppey, and lush greenery of Thekkady, and many more. Apart from this, the beautiful state of India holds so many beaches, stunning views of the seas, heartwarming people, popular markets, etc. The leisure time you spend here by having a ride in the pretty boathouse and enjoying the sound of waves can make your vacation perfect. You can book a ticket for Kochi Airport to reach this fabulous state.

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4. Pondicherry


For people who love French architecture, idyllic beaches, and historical monuments, Pondicherry is the best place. The capital of Goa holds tree-lined streets, mustard-colored colonial villas, and chic boutiques that describe the French preservation in the city. Apart from this, you can enjoy a beautiful day at the famous beaches and evening in beautiful restaurants in a beautiful place. The town also contains so many bars that serve the popular Fenny drink which is the major attraction of the destination.

5. Valley of Flowers


The most challenging treks in India are situated in Uttarakhand. You can find here a countless number of rarest flowers that are in full bloom during monsoon season. The adventure trek will take five days to complete. You cannot get bored in these five days of trekking because the trek holds a vast number of Mountain Views, breathtaking views of valleys, excellent views of the sunset, helping people, stalls of traditional foods of Uttarakhand, and many more. So, it is highly recommended to visit this beautiful place this year if you are in India.

Hope your list gets prepared!

Here is the top 5 idyllic travel destination around India that is worth visiting in 2023. I hope the beautiful places listed in this article will help you to prepare a better plan for enjoying your vacations this year. As we said above that India is a country that holds so much variety in itself. There are many more places apart from this list to be visited in India. If you have some extra days on your vacation after visiting these places, then you can add more destinations by taking the help of the travel guide of India.

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