Here are 6 Tips to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud Online

Tips To Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud Online

How to protect credit card is an important question that has been raised by everyone. Nowadays, we know that hackers are prevailing everywhere and they are trying their every bit to take advantage of your unawareness to dodge you. Therefore, you should be vigilant while using your credit card online and should consider these important tips to protect your credit card.

6 Tips To Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud Online

1. Only enter your credit card details on secure sites:

Do not enter your credit card essential details on suspicious sites and low, authoritative sites. Remember before entering your credit card details on your site check whether the website is SSL secure. Only enter your credit card details on websites with HTTPS. The SSL or padlock certificate confirms that your details will be encrypted and nobody can read your credit card details.

2. Don’t Send your credit card details over Emails:

You must have seen several emails in your mailbox where you would be asked to share your credit card details and avail an attractive discount. Do not fall prey to such emails and instantly ignore them.

3. Use a prepaid card for online transactions:

Instead of using your credit card for payment using prepaid cards for making online payments. The benefit of using a prepaid card is that you load a certain amount of money in your account and even in case your card details are compromised; you would lose only that money that you have loaded in the card.

4. Use Virtual Credit Cards:

Several banks let you opt for virtual credit cards. Virtual credit cards are immensely secure because they can be used only once online, so in case someone hacks your card details even though he would not get your actual credit card details.

5. Check Your Browser Settings:

Turn off your browser autocomplete setting before entering your card details because otherwise, it will store your card details. To do so, in case if you are using chrome go to setting then advance settings and Under the Passwords and Forms section, click Manage Autofill Settings. Delete any credit card information that is automatically stored there, then uncheck Enable Auto-fill to fill in web forms in a single click.

6. Activate Extra Layer of Security on Your Card:

Do you know that many credit cards have an extra layer of security that can help you protect against online fraud? For instance, the master card has an extra feature SecureCode which is a private code that is not revealed to your retailer.

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