Symptoms of Diabetes

9 Common Symptoms of Diabetes When To Worry And Consult Doctor Read

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Diabetes is one of the most serious diseases. It slowly kills a person. Therefore, one should try to catch the symptoms as soon as possible and try to control it at the initial level before it turns into a life threatening disease.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Therefore, be watchful and scrutinize your body changes thoroughly and if you come across anything suspicious, then don’t hesitate in fixing an appointment with a doctor. Although, diabetes is a hereditary disease you should be cautious because it can occur to anyone, at any age without a family history.

Read 9 common symptoms of diabetes   mentioned below: 

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One of the main symptom which almost all diabetes patient experience is frequent urination. However, this can happen due to various other issues, but, if this problem occurs quite frequently, especially, at night then you must fix an appointment with your doctor.

Frequent Urination At Night

If you are experiencing a sudden rise in your thirst level then it may be signed to worry or anxiety.

Frequent Thirst

If you are losing your weight without any appropriate reasons, then, it may occur due to diabetes.

Sudden Weight Loss

If you are female and suffering from frequent vaginal infections and even taking medications does not heal it. So, do consult your doctor.

vaginal infection

If you lose your appetite without any specific reason. Then it may be a cause of worry.

lose of appetite

Apart from this, if all of sudden you lose interest in sex and physical intimation, then it may be sufficient to raise eyebrows. In that situation fix an appointment with the doctor and inform him about your symptoms.

loss of interest in sex
Besides these symptoms, if you are facing this below-mentioned problem even then you should book an appointment with a doctor.

Lack of interest and concentration
A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or feet
Blurred vision
Frequent infections
Slow-healing wounds
Vomiting and stomach pain

However, if you are experiencing some of the above-mentioned symptoms; it is not always related to diabetes. You may experience all these symptoms due to various other diseases apart from diabetes. So, don’t listen to random advice’s being thrown to you and seek the consultation of a doctor if you feel suspicious about your symptoms.

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