Actress Meera Chopra files Complaint Against Jr. NTR Fans, Says They are Threatening her with Death, Acid Attack

meera chopra

Indian actress Meera Chopra who was last seen in India movie section 375 became the latest victim of online abuses. She filed a case against all those who hurled abuse at her. Meera who worked in some of Telugu movies were having a live chat session with her fans where one of the fans asked her about Jr. NTR and she responded that she did not even know him and she is not a fan of his work.

One of the actor fans said that she should watch his films like Shakti and she would become a fan of his work, Meera replied, “Thank you but not interested.”

It seemed that it did not go down well with Jr. NTR’s fan and they started hurling abuses at her and gave her threats. Surprised by the hatred she received by just not like the work of the actor, She tagged Jr. NTR and Tweeted: “I didn’t know that I’ll be called a bitch, whore and a porn star, just bcoz I like @urstrulyMahesh more than you. And your fans will send my parents such wishes. Do u feel successful with such a fan following? And I hope u don’t ignore my tweet.

After reading Meera’s tweet, singer-dubbing artiste Chinmayi Sripaada came out in her support. She suggested Meera submit the abusive screenshots and write a letter to The National Commission for Women (NCW).

She made a collage of all the abusive tweets and reported it to Twitter and National Commissions for Women. She tweeted

“@hydcitypolice @CyberCrimeshyd I would like to report all these accounts. They are talking abt gang banging, are abusive and death threatening. Unfortunately, they are all @tarak9999 fan clubs. @Twitter I would request you to look into it and suspend these accounts.”

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