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Anveshi Jain Hot Pics

Anveshi Jain is one of the most searched actresses in India. She came into limelight after she made an appearance in Gandi Baat Season 2. And her intimate scenes with Flora Saini in the second season of Gandi Baat won several hearts. A lot of her fans search over the internet “Anveshi Jain hot images” “Anveshi Jain Gandi Baat Hot Scenes” or “Who is the boyfriend of Anveshi Jain” So if you are also looking for all information related to Anveshi Jain then check out this post.

About Anveshi Jain:

Anveshi Jain was born on 25th June 1991 in Khujraho, Bundelkhand. She is 28 years old and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Her father is a serviceman and her mother is a homemaker. She belongs to a very simple family and it is really appreciative that she has come so far on her own strength. Before acting in Gandii Baat season 2, she was a model and she has done several modeling projects. Moreover, it’d be surprising for you to know that Anveshi Jain is a motivational speaker and she holds a degree in electrical engineering.

Before coming to Mumbai, she was working for a company as an event manager where her role was to organize events for weddings, parties, and corporate events. She has a brother whose name is Pranjal Jain. She says that she is very close to mother and shares whatever is going on in her life with her.

Who is Anveshi Jain Boyfriend?

A lot of her fans want to know who is her boyfriend. However, we could not find out who is Anveshi Jain boyfriend as she is a very private person and she has not disclosed who she is dating. One thing that we are sure about is that she is unmarried and as of now she is giving priority to her career. We will be updating here in case we get any information about Anveshi Jain boyfriend.

Anveshi Jain Net worth

We don’t have any accurate information about the total income of Anveshi Jain, but it is around 1 crore India Rupees Annually.

List of Anveshi Jain Movies & Web Series?

A lot of people think that Anveshi Jain has only worked in Gandii Baat season 2, however, she has worked in several other web series and movies apart from Gandi Baat. Here is the list of movies & web series Anveshi Jain is part of

  • Gandi Baat Season 2
  • BOSS: Baap Of Special Services (2019)
  • Who’s Your Daddy? (2020)
  • Nahana Hai? (2020)
  • Triple Siyapa (2020)
  • Tu Janta Nahi Meri Maa Kaun Hai (2020)
  • Kudi Virgin Hai (2020)
  • You Are My Soniya (2020)
  • Emotion Nikal Gaya kya! (2020)
  • G The Film (2020)

Anveshi Jain Social Media Profiles

Anveshi Jain is hugely active on social media where she keeps uploading her pictures. Her Instagram account is filled with her hot pics. So if you are looking for some hot pics of Anveshi Jain, you can check out her Instagram account. She is quite popular on Instagram and she has 2 million followers on Instagram. If you are looking for the official Instagram handle of Anveshi Jain so here it is @anveshi25.

Apart from Instagram, Anveshi Jain is quite popular on Facebook, she has her own page that has 87 thousand followers. She shares hot images on this page as well. Here is the link of Anveshi Jain Facebook page:

Anveshi Jain Hot Pics

Anveshi Jain Hot Pics
Anveshi Jain Hot Pics
Anveshi Jain Hot Pics
Anveshi Jain
Anveshi Jain Hot Pics
Anveshi Jain Hot Images
Anveshi Jain Hot Images
Anveshi Jain Hot Images
Anveshi Jain Hot Images
Anveshi Jain Hot Images
Anveshi Jain Hot Images
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