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Atkan Chatkan is A.R Rahman Muscial movie which is scheduled to be released on 5th September on Zee5. Recently the trailer of this movie has been dropped and at looking at the trailer, It is clear that A.R Rahman is all set to take us on an inspirational story about a young boy who has dreams to become a famous musician. Thus, if you are a fan of A. R Rahman and want to see his movie and curious to know “Where can you watch online Atkan Chatkan Movie for free?” Or “Is it free to watch Atkan Chatkan movie for free on Zee5? Then check out this post.

What is the Story of Atkan Chatkan Movie?

The Story of this movie revolves around a young boy Guddu whose life is all about music. However, poverty comes as an obstruction in his way to achieve his dream to become a musician. However, he does not let his passion for music die and create music from whatever he can find and eventually forms a band. His dream is to win a music competition and get admitted in music school. But his father does not happy with his passion and want him to concentrate on studies.

What is the Star Cast of Atkan Chatkan Movie?

This film has the following star cast: Lydian Nadhaswaram plays the role of Guddu, Amitriyaan, Sachin Chaudhary, Yash Rane, Tamanna Dipak, Aayesha Vindhara in other pivotal roles. This movie is being directed by Shiv Hare.

Where can you Watch Online ‘ Atkan Chatkan’ Movie?

‘Atkan Chatkan’ movie is streaming on the Zee5 app. So you can watch Online ‘Atkan Chatkan’ movie on the Zee5 app. However, it is not free to watch ‘Atkan Chatkan’ movie online on the Zee5 app. You must have Zee5 paid subscription to watch this movie. Once you have the paid subscription, you can watch online ‘Atkan Chatkan’ Movie.

Is it possible to Watch “Atkan Chatkan’ movie free on Zee5?

Yes, Zee5 offers 30 days free trial for the first time user. Thus, if you are first time user so you can watch this movie free on Zee5.

Watch Atkan Chatkan Trailer

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