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Babysitter Web series Watch Online or Download Offline On Kooku App for Free | Story | Star Cast

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Kooku is one of the emerging OTT platforms that crafts content keeping in mind the youngsters in India. Ever since the Indian people have got 4G Internet and the penetration of mobile phones has encouraged the studios to create content keeping in mind the youngsters. Kooku and Ullu app are primarily targeting the youngsters and coming up with adult content and they have got immense success by increasing the subscriber base. Over the last few months, Kooku has produced several famous web series’s and Babysitter is one of the most famous web series of Kooku and a lot of people are curious to know How they can watch online Kooku Babysitter or Download this web series? Or Is it free to watch online or download Babysitter Kooku web series?

In this post, we’ll inform you story, star cast, where to watch online Babysitter Kooku web series.

What is the Story of Babysitter Kooku Web Series?

The story of Babysitter Kooku web series revolves around a mid-aged Widower and his two sons. His sons are not obedient to them and he is finding it hard to manage the kids. So he hires a babysitter to manage the household. However, once the babysitter comes in the house, she becomes the object of desire for three men’s and it infuses comedy and string of lust affairs. So if you are looking to watch an adult web series with a lot of comedy and bold scenes then you can watch this web series.

Where Can I Watch online or download Babysitter Kooku web series?

If you are curious to know from where can you watch online Babysitter web series on Google, then this web series is streaming on the official app Kooku. Thus, if you are curious to watch babysitter kooku web series online, then you can watch it on the Kooku app. Apart from Babysitter, they have other web series such as Chutzpah, Compromise web series from this platform.

Is it free to Watch online Babysitter Kooku Web Series?

No, you have to subscribe first to watch Babysitter web series from Kooku App. They don’t offer free trial therefore you have to subscribe first to watch this web series on this platform.

What are the Subscription charges of Kooku App?

The Kooku app has two subscription plans 1-month plan, Annual Plan:

Monthly Plan: The monthly plan will cost 44 rupees per month. And you can watch all Kooku shows in the monthly plan.

Yearly Plan: This plan will cost you 144 rupees and you’d get to see all originals and movies being offered by the Kooku.

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