Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions to use in 2018

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome is the wonderful browser for the Internet user in the present scenario. It is well designed, fast and packed with the unique and essential features. Chrome is the real power in the wide range of add-ons which gives it new abilities and functions. There are plenty of ways to make it better by downloading the extensions. Extensions are basically small apps which add some extra features to the web browser. The Google has the many extensions available in the Chrome web store. Each extension has come to add features, boost performance and fix problems. Below are the top 10 and best Google Chrome extensions to enjoy a better online experience.

1. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is one of the top 10 Google Chrome extensions. It is known as Read it later. It works better than the other extensions by saving bits and pieces during your everyday surfing. It helps you to secure images, links, web pages, files and more to a list then automatically syncs the results across all your devices. It is the great extension of the web research. If you want to add pages or links on your phone, desktop or tablet then this extension is available for browsing any others. When you save something to the Pocket then this extension suggests other content. By using the Pocket New Tab extension you can see trending Pocket topics. So Pocket is the great suggests an alternative extra content.

2. Adblock Plus

The Adblock plus extension is used for the improved privacy and speed. This is the best and well-known ad-blocker for the Google Chrome. The installation of this extension is very easy and fast. Just point on the browser at the site then the Adblock Plus icon displays a running count and you will find most pages displays more quickly. The main benefit with the Adblock Plus is extreme configurability.

3. Noisli

If you want to be productive but distracted by the noise around you then check out the Noisli. It is one of the best and most unique designed productivity companions. Don’t worry if your environment is too loud or quiet; with the help of the Noisli you can create and listen to your favorite backgrounds sounds to concentrate and focus on your tasks. This extension has more options to select from. Depending on your needs you can choose the background noise. It is one of the best and right productivity tools when compared to other extensions.

4. Momentum

To become productive you need constant motivation and reminder which you need to work. So Momentum is one of the top 10 extension which helps in creating the configurable new tab. It gives you the moment of inspires and calms to become more productive. This extension will automatically use to update the backgrounds tab with the new image and an inspiring quote every day. It also allows you to add your focus which is visible on the new tab. It is the best way to remind and motivate of what to be done.

5. Todoist

Todoist Google Chrome extension is one of the most popular platforms among the others. This extension will convert any URL videos into s Todoist task from directly within your browser. You can able to see the whole Todoist account by just clicking on the Todoist icon in your extension. By clicking ‘add a website as a task’ the extension will save the URL task so that you will return to the website.

6. Mercury Reader

The Mercury Reader is one of the top 10 Google chrome extension which removes distractions and ads by leaving only the images and text for reading view on any website. It is the best extension which makes articles and websites easier to read for the students. This extension skips away from the ads from the article into easy and simple to read the document. Mercury Reader allows the user to modify the size of the text, select either a dark or light theme and adjust the font. There is also an option to send the text to a kindle.

7. LastPass

LastPass is the top and best google chrome extension. By using this extension you only have to keep in mind one password to maintain all your other login details together in one place. It will also help you to keep your other accounts secure by generating super secure passwords which it will fill in automatically as needed. There’s a space note for the offline information which you want to be well protected too.

8. Honey

Honey is a little bit different from other productive extensions. It helps you save time in the work you are already doing. Honey saves you more time for searching for coupons by automatically applying the right and best available coupon while you are making a purchase. Honey is a great way to save money but also your valuable time.

9. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the top 10 Chrome extensions which can help you to write better. It uses its underlying technology to identify grammatical errors in your writing content, which are otherwise missed by any other word processor. The best part of the Grammarly extension does this automatically and also suggests you the corrections in real-time. So Grammarly is the best google chrome extension to identify and correct the grammar errors in the content.

10. Checker Plus

It is the best chrome extension to manage multiple email accounts from the chrome. It generally brings Android method notifications to your Chrome by allowing you to spot emails as reading and delete them. It even shows an iOS-style button on the extension icon. This icon allows you to view how many unread emails you have. By using this extension you can also simply control your accounts without opening a new window or tab. Moreover, it also gives you a choice to run this in the background when Google Chrome is closed and can still show new email alert.

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