Chitthi Kooku Web Series Watch Online on Kooku Premium on 25th October

Chitthi Kooku Web Series

Chitthi is a new kooku app web series which is scheduled to release on 25th Oct, 2020. The trailer of this web series is being appreciated by everyone as this web series of Kooku looks promising with an interesting plot. So, if you are curious to watch Chitthi web series online for free, then check out this post.

What is the Plot of Chitthi Web Series?

The plot of Chitthi web series revolves around an old man who one day finds a letter that has some secrets that can turn his life upside down. Later, he finds out that his son is in love with a girl who does not have a family. He embarks on a journey to find out the family of that girl. The truth will definitely be going to shock everyone.

What is the Star cast of Chitthi Web Series?

This web series has a powerful star cast lead by Yashwant Sharma. This series stars Yashpal Sharma, Shafaq Naaz, Shalini Kapoor, Abha Parmar, Shanaya Sharma and Ravi Bhatia. Directed by Akanksha Sinha.Kooku is often crticised for its weak plot and solely focusing on hot scenes but it seems that with Chitthi web series they are going to change it. . Unlike many OTT services, where Users have to Pay Extra Subscription Amount, KOOKU is not going to charge any Extra amount from the Users, Kooku Premium will enter the market with a bang with a hard-hitting, Power-packed series “CHITTHI”

Where can you watch online Chitthi Web Series?

Chitthi Web series is going to be released on Kooku premium on Kooku App. However, it is not free to watch online Chitthi series, you need to buy the paid subscription of Koooku premium to watch this web series. So if you want to watch something interesting then buy kooku premium and watch Chitthi web series online

Watch Trailer of Chitthi

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