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ALTBalaji is one of the most popular OTT platforms especially if you want to watch adult & bold content which is still taboo in India. Class of 2020 Altbalaji is one of the most popular web series of this platform. The first season of Class of 2020 released in 2017 and it was hugely popular among the youngsters due to its bold content & comic relief which it provides. The fans of this series keep on asking this question on various forums “where to watch or download a class of 2020 web series?” or “Is it free to watch or download Class of 2020 web series from Altbalaji?”

So if you are also curious to know the answer to the above question, then check out this post.

What is the Story of the Class of 2020?

The story of this web series starts from where the first part ended. This series shows the life of a group of teenagers and types of problems they confront in School including love, sex and exam pressure, all these questions have been raised in this web series. The creators have beautifully captured the life of a teenager in this web series. Moreover, this web series has a tongue in cheek dialogues that you will definitely love hearing to and bold scenes and top-notch acting is also one of the reasons why you should watch or download the AltBalaji Class of 2020 web series. Especially if you are in your teens then this series will surely for you and you should not miss watching Class of 2020 web series

What is the Star cast of Altbalaji Class of 2020?

This series has some talented young actors who have done justice to their roles. Let’s have a look at the actors who acted in this web series.

Stars: Sushant Tanwar as Hardik Thakker, Rohan Mehra as Ibrahim Noorani, Jatin Suri as Neel Rana, Joyeeta Chatterjee as Ranchi Das Gupta, Isha Chawla as Aalia, Alam Khan as Tanmay Badwe. So these are main actors in this web series.

Who Created Class of 2020 Web series?

If you are curious to know who has created the Class of 2020 web series, so you would love to know that Mastermind of Big Boss Vikas Gupta has created this web series.

List of All Class of 2020 Web Series:

Class Of 2020 Episode 1: De Nobili High Returns
Class Of 2020 Episode 2: No One Will Believe You
Class Of 2020 Episode 3: Welcome To Class Of 2020
Class Of 2020 Episode 4: Not Everything Is As It Seems
Class Of 2020 Episode 5: Happy Birthday Toto
Class Of 2020 Episode 6: Forty-Five Minutes
Class Of 2020 Episode 7: Of Mothers and Daughters
Class Of 2020 Episode 8: How Was Your Date?
Class Of 2020 Episode 9: Parents Of 2020
Class Of 2020 Episode 10: I Will Be Your Driver
Class Of 2020 Episode 11: Beginning Of The End
Class Of 2020 Episode 12: Repercussions of Ignorance
Class Of 2020 Episode 13: Sports Day 2018 vs 2020
Class Of 2020 Episode 14: Relations 2018 vs 2020
Class Of 2020Episode 15: Night that changed everything
Class Of 2020 Episode 16: Men don’t cry
Class Of 2020 Episode 17: Ibrahim ki Duniya
Class Of 2020 Episode 18: Dosti ya Pyaar
Class Of 2020 Episode 19: Pyjama Party
Class Of 2020 Episode 20: Truth Brings Dare
Class Of 2020 Episode 21: Beginning of another end
Class Of 2020 Episode 22: I need to talk to you
Class Of 2020 Episode 23: Helplessness
Class Of 2020 Episode 24: Not All Men Are Jerks
Class Of 2020 Episode 25: Love, Sex AUR Dhoka
Class Of 2020 Episode 26: The party.The plan and The panic
Class Of 2020 Episode 27: The perfect end, is it
Class Of 2020 Episode 28: the morning after
Class Of 2020 Episode 29: I am your mother
Class Of 2020 Episode 30: Last day at de nobli high

Is it free to watch or download Class of 2020 Web series?

You can watch the Class of 2020 web series from ALTBalaji but not for free. You have to buy their subscription plan if you want to watch or download the AltBalaji Class of 2020 web series. You have to buy their subscription plan which is 99 rupees for a month and 300 rupees subscription plan for a year. And you can enjoy all the content of AltBalaji for free. This is the best way to watch the Class of 2020 web series in a legit way. We will not recommend you watch or download who is your daddy web series from torrent sites such as Tamilrockers and Filmywap because you will not get a good experience. So buy the subscription and enjoy watching this web series.

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