What is the Difference between Data Visualization and Data Analytics?

Often people are curious to know what is the difference between data visualization and Data Analytics. Of late people assume that Data Visualization and data analytics is the same thing which is not true. There is a difference between data visualization and data analytics. Thus, if you are also curious to find out the answer to this question then you’ve landed on the right page. Being the best data visualization company in USA- Intellectyx would help you to discover the difference between these two terms.

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the practice of representing the data in the visual or pictorial form to reach out to a decision. This visual can be anything from charts, graph or pie charts. The pictorial representation of data helps companies to understand the magnitude of the data. In simple words, data visualization is nothing but a representation of the data in the visual format.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics, on the other hand, is the method of examining data sets to obtain useful insights to draw a conclusion to about the data set. This technique is highly being used in all types of organization

Let’s find out the main difference between Data Analytics and Data Visualization.

The object of data visualization is to effectively communicate information to organizations. A user can look into the information and easily get to a conclusion.

The main objective of data analytics is to gather the data to evaluate it to reach a decision.

Better data visualization can help data analytics to get better insights.

Together data visualization and data analytics will draw the conclusions about the datasets. In a few cases, it might act as a source for visualization.

Data visualization enables decision makers to get better insight into data and help in analyzing the data.

In data visualization, we have both static and interactive visualizations.

The analytics process embraces data analytics and big data analytics tool can assists organizations to improve their operational efficiency.

The perspective analytics help companies to understand the current business situation and predicts the future of the market. Thus, doing it effectively help businesses to improve their sales.

Data analysts translate the complex numbers in easy to understand plain English. Thus, anybody can understand complex data using data analytics.

The various data visualization software can easily convert the raw data into beautiful visuals to get a better insight into the data. These data visualization tools can process large and complex data sets within minutes.

There are different types of data analytics such as Prescriptive analytics, Predictive analytics, Diagnostic analytics, and Descriptive analytics.

The popular data analytics tool is Hive, Polybase, Excel /Spreadsheet, Presto, Trifecta, Clear Analytics, SAP Business Intelligence.

Data visualization can be of two types static and interactive. The most popular data visualization tools are DataHero, Tableau, Dygraphs, QlikView, ZingCHhart.

Coming to the use of data visualization so this can be used in famous industries such as finance, manufacturing, health care and retailing.

Data analytics technology can be used in Healthcare, Crime detection, Commercial, Finance, Travel agencies.


From the above explanation, it is evident that both data visualization and data analytics have a big role to play in the success of any organization. Data Visualization can’t process the data alone and it can’t help organizations to reach out to a decision. Similarly, in the absence of data visualization softwares, Data analytics can’t take place. Thus, it is immensely important to use both Data visualization and Data analytics together to draw good conclusions for the business.

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