Indian Budget 2019

Indian Budget 2019: Live Updates of Modi’s Govt. Sixth Final Budget

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India’s Budget 2019 is live now Piyush Goyal who is Finance minister is presenting Modi Govt. sixth and Final Budget in Parliament. We are providing the top highlights of Budget here.

12:12 (IST), FEB 01
Due to note ban, over 1 crore people have filed tax returns: FM

12:11 (IST), FEB 01
Anti-black money measures taken by us in the last year have brought the undisclosed income of Rs 1.3 lakh crore back in circulation: FM

12:10 (IST), FEB 01
Our government is committed to eliminating the ills of black money: FM

12:10 (IST), FEB 01
Goyal speaks on demonetization and drives against black money

12:09 (IST), FEB 01
Average monthly tax collection in the current year under GST is Rs 97,000 crore per month: Goyal

12:09 (IST), FEB 01
January GST collection could breach the Rs 1 lakh crore mark, says Goyal

12:07 (IST), FEB 01
GST council will take steps to reduce the tax burden on home-buyers: FM

12:06 (IST), FEB 01
In a relief for the common man, most daily-use items are now under 0-5% tax slab under GST: Goyal

12:04 (IST), FEB 01
A bevy of taxes was brought under a single regime, says Goyal

12:04 (IST), FEB 01
Our government implemented the GST, which is undoubtedly the biggest taxation reform since Independence: FM

12:01 (IST), FEB 01
Reducing the tax burden on the middle class has always been our priority: Goyal

12:00 (IST), FEB 01
We have taken steps towards transforming the income tax department to process returns as quickly as possible: Goyal

12:00 (IST), FEB 01
99.54 percent of all I-T returns last year were accepted immediately without scrutiny: Goyal

11:59 (IST), FEB 01
Tax collections have increased significantly. The number of returns filed has also risen: FM

11:58 (IST), FEB 01
We have reduced tax rates for the common man and middle class: FM

11:57 (IST), FEB 01
Cost of data and voice calls in India is now possibly the lowest in the world; mobile and mobile part manufacturing companies have increased from 2 to 268: Piyush Goyal

11:55 (IST), FEB 01
Our commitment to promoting renewable energy is reflected in our initiative to set up International Solar Alliance; installed solar generation capacity has increased 10 times in last five years; lakhs of new jobs being created by the sector: FM

11:53 (IST), FEB 01
Vande Bharat Express will provide speed, service, and safety to citizens and will give a boost to Make in India: Goyal

11:52 (IST), FEB 01
India provided leadership to the global climate change effort: Goyal

11:51 (IST), FEB 01
No unmanned level crossings in India anymore. Railways have witnessed safest year: FM

11:51 (IST), FEB 01
No unmanned level crossings in India anymore. Railways have witnessed safest year: FM

11:50 (IST), FEB 01
Today, India is the fastest highway developer in the whole world with 27km of highways built each day: Goyal

11:49 (IST), FEB 01
Already disbursed Rs 35,000 crore for our soldiers under OROP, a substantial hike in military service pay has been announced: Goyal

11:49 (IST), FEB 01
Defense budget enhanced beyond Rs 3 lakh crore, says Goyal

11:47 (IST), FEB 01
OROP (one rank, one pension) scheme was pending for 40 years, but it was our government that implemented it: FM

11:46 (IST), FEB 01
Goyal speaks about defense and national security

11:45 (IST), FEB 01
Gratuity limit increased from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 30 lakh: FM

11:44 (IST), FEB 01
75% of woman beneficiaries under PM MudraYojana, 26 weeks of maternity leave and Pradhan Mantri Matritva Yojana, are all empowering women: FM

11:43 (IST), FEB 01
Job seekers have now turned job creators. India has become the second largest hub of startups: FM

11:43 (IST), FEB 01
We have harnessed youth power with self-employment schemes such as Startup India: FM

11:42 (IST), FEB 01
Ujjawala is a remarkable success story of our government. We aim to cover the target of all 8 crore households this year: FM

11:41 (IST), FEB 01
Our government delivered 6 crores free LPG connections under Ujjawala scheme: FM

11:40 (IST), FEB 01
Our government will set up a welfare development board to help implement development programmes for nomadic and semi-nomadic communities: FM

11:38 (IST), FEB 01
The scheme, called Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan, will provide assured monthly pension of Rs 3,000 with the contribution of Rs 100 per month for workers in the unorganized sector after 60 years of age: FM

11:37 (IST), FEB 01
Beneficiaries will be provided an assured pension of Rs 3,000 per month: FM

11:36 (IST), FEB 01
Our government proposes to launch a mega pension yojna: FM Goyal

11:35 (IST), FEB 01
High growth and formalization of the economy have resulted in increased EPFO membership by 2 crores in last two years: FM Goyal

11:35 (IST), FEB 01
We have increased tax-free gratuity from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh: Goyal

11:32 (IST), FEB 01
In place of rescheduling of crop loans, all farmers severely affected by severe natural calamities will get 2% interest subvention and additional 3% interest subvention upon timely repayment: Goyal

11:32 (IST), FEB 01
2% interest subvention to farmers pursuing animal husbandry and fisheries: FM

11:31 (IST), FEB 01
We have increased allocation for Rashtriya Gokul Mission to 750 crores in the current year: FM

11:30 (IST), FEB 01
Our government has decided to create a separate department for fisheries: Goyal

11:30 (IST), FEB 01
The initiative will benefit the crores of small and marginal farmers, at an estimated cost of Rs. 75,000 crore. It will enable farmers to earn a respectable living: FM

11:28 (IST), FEB 01
The amount will be borne directly by the government, says Goyal

11:27 (IST), FEB 01
The amount will be transferred in three installments of Rs 2,000 directly to the farmers. Around 12 crore farmers will directly benefit from this scheme: Goyal

11:26 (IST), FEB 01
Will provide Rs 6,000 per annum to farmers holding land of up to 2 hectares: Goyal

11:25 (IST), FEB 01
NDA increased MSP to fulfill its aim of doubling farm income: FM

11:23 (IST), FEB 01
Goyal speaks about government’s initiatives for the farmers

11:22 (IST), FEB 01
The 22nd AIIMS will be set up in Haryana soon, says FM

11:21 (IST), FEB 01
21 AIIMS are currently operating in the country, 14 of which have been announced since 2014, says Goyal

11:21 (IST), FEB 01
Lakhs of poor people have benefited from the reduced cost of medicine: Goyal

11:20 (IST), FEB 01
PM Modi launched the world’s largest healthcare programme – Ayushman Bharat – to provide medical treatment to nearly 50 crore people, says Goyal amid rousing applause

11:20 (IST), FEB 01
Goyal now speaks about healthcare reforms

11:19 (IST), FEB 01
We provided free electricity to almost every house through Saubhagya scheme: FM Goyal

11:19 (IST), FEB 01
The pace of construction of rural roads has been tripled under our tenure, Goyal says

11:18 (IST), FEB 01
From empty promises in the past, targeted expenditure has been undertaken to improve the quality of life in villages; we aim to bring development, preserving the soul of villages: Goyal

11:18 (IST), FEB 01
Piyush Goyal is recounting steps taken by the government in the past year for economic development

11:17 (IST), FEB 01
Efforts were taken to bring full representation for economically weak backward classes, by giving them reservation in jobs and education: FM

11:16 (IST), FEB 01
Our government earmarked Rs 1.7 lakh crore in 2018-19 to ensure food for all: FM

11:15 (IST), FEB 01
More than 98% rural sanitation coverage has been achieved; more than 5.45 lakh villages declared ODF: mindset change achieved, becoming a Jan Andolan: FM

11:15 (IST), FEB 01
I thank the people of India for their active contribution to the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan: FM

11:14 (IST), FEB 01
Confident that given the pace of reforms in the banking sector, other banks too will recover: FM

11:13 (IST), FEB 01
RERA has helped bring transparency in the real estate sector: FM

11:12 (IST), FEB 01
Close to 3 lakh crore already recovered in favor of banks and creditors, big defaulters too not spared by our government: FM

11:10 (IST), FEB 01
India attracted $239 billion FDI in the past five years: Goyal

11:09 (IST), FEB 01
We have set the stage for decades of high growth with path-breaking structural reforms such as the GST: Goyal

11:08 (IST), FEB 01
India attracted a massive amount of FDI in the past five years, FM says

11:08 (IST), FEB 01
The fiscal deficit has been brought down to 3.4% in the revised estimate of 2018-19: FM

11:08 (IST), FEB 01
Inflation in December 2018 was just 2.1%: FM

11:07 (IST), FEB 01
Humari sarkar ne kamar tod mehengayi ki kamar tod di, says FM Goyal

11:06 (IST), FEB 01
We are the fastest growing economy today with a GDP growth rate higher than any government since economic reforms kicked in: Goyal

11:04 (IST), FEB 01
We have reversed the policy paralysis that had engulfed the nation: Goyal

11:03 (IST), FEB 01
People of India gave a strong mandate to our government. Under PM Modi, we have given a decisive, stable and clean govt: Goyal

11:03 (IST), FEB 01
Deeply conscious of the absence of Arun Jaitley today. Wish him a speedy recovery and good health: Goyal

11:02 (IST), FEB 01
Piyush Goyal begins his speech

10:57 (IST), FEB 01
Finance minister Piyush Goyal will present the interim Budget shortly

10:52 (IST), FEB 01
Cabinet approves Union Budget 2019

10:42 (IST), FEB 01
TDP MPs dress in black to protest against the central government ahead of the Budget presentation

10:35 (IST), FEB 01
They’ll try to introduce populist schemes in the Budget keeping an eye on Lok Sabha polls. Budgets they’ve presented so far haven’t really benefitted the general public. Only ‘Jumlas’ will come out today. They’ve only 4 months when will they implement the schemes?: Mallikarjun Kharge

10:27 (IST), FEB 01
Union ministers Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, and Ravi Shankar Prasad arrive in Parliament

10:27 (IST), FEB 01
Union ministers Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, and Ravi Shankar Prasad arrive in Parliament

10:26 (IST), FEB 01
Following the Cabinet meeting, Piyush Goyal will present the interim Budget 2019 at 11 am

10:23 (IST), FEB 01
PM Modi arrives in Parliament

10:15 (IST), FEB 01
The rupee today depreciated by 9 paise to 71.17 in early trade on the forex market amid strengthening of the American currency and caution ahead of the interim budget

10:06 (IST), FEB 01
Piyush Goyal meets President before presenting the Union Budget 2019

09:56 (IST), FEB 01
Finance minister Piyush Goyal reaches Parliament

09:55 (IST), FEB 01
Meanwhile, the BSE benchmark Sensex jumped over 100 points ahead of the Budget presentation by finance minister Piyush Goyal amid heavy buying by foreign portfolio investors

09:46 (IST), FEB 01
‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ has been our government’s mantra and it will reflect in the Budget: Union minister of parliamentary affairs Narendra Singh Tomar

09:32 (IST), FEB 01
Sniffer dog checking the copies of Budget 2019

09:13 (IST), FEB 01
Copies of Budget 2019 brought to Parliament complex

9:03 AM – Feb 1, 2019
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09:12 (IST), FEB 01
FM Piyush Goyal leaves North Block, heading for Parliament

08:49 (IST), FEB 01
Does the govt have room to tweak the tax slabs?

08:26 (IST), FEB 01

08:25 (IST), FEB 01
Sixth and final budget of Modi govt

08:05 (IST), FEB 01
Finance minister’s A-team: The men behind the Budget

07:58 (IST), FEB 01
Those earning up to Rs 8 lakhs should be exempted from paying tax: Shiv Sena

07:55 (IST), FEB 01
Congress may attend Budget sitting, against big decisions

07:53 (IST), FEB 01
Union Budget: PM Modi looks to shore up a political base

07:47 (IST), FEB 01
Last year, Narendra Modi-led government scrapped a colonial-era tradition of presenting the Budget at the end of February and it is now presented on February 1, so as to allow Parliamentary approvals to be completed before the start of the next financial year

07:46 (IST), FEB 01
The new government, elected after general elections due by May, is expected to present a full budget in July along with the Economic Survey

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