Do Violent Video Games Make Kids More Aggressive? Read American Psychological Association Report

negative heath effect of video games

In the modern world, playing video games has become a popular entertainment and activity. Videos games available for people of all ages, in general, playing video games offer relaxation and great fun.

Even it becomes the multi billion-dollar industry that also brings more money than movies and other factors. Teens often spend more time than the younger children because video games highly loved by all age groups, so it becomes very sophisticated and realistic.

When it comes to playing video games, you have lot of choices some of the games have educational content, and some of the people prefer to play games emphasize negative themes and promote that includes:

The use and abuse of drugs or any alcohol products
Killing of individuals or animals
Criminal behavior,
Disrespect for authority as well as the law
Violence toward women
Racial and gender stereotypes
Foul language
Obscene gestures etc

In general, the studies of children exposed to violent media that also shown that they may become imitate the violence, as well as it also shows more aggressive behavior. More importantly, it will affect younger children; even this will create behavioral or learning problems that also influenced by violent images.

negative heath effect of video games
In moderation, playing age-appropriate games become popular among both boys and girls, it can be enjoyable and healthy. There are different types of video games available some of them promote learning, as well as some of the games ensures problem-solving skills even help with the development of fine motor skill. When it comes to choosing the games, it is important to understand all the factors. Currently, both children and adolescents can become involved with video games, of course, it is also difficult to control the time and play simultaneously. Spending excessive time playing violent video games can lead following problems:

Less time socializing family, friends, etc
Poor social skills
Time away from school work as well as other hobbies
Lower grades
Less exercise
Less reading
Decreased sleep or poor quality sleep
Becoming overweight
Aggressive thoughts & behaviors

Violent content within violent video games become familiar, and it has also been identified to increase levels of aggression. Usually, progression through gaming levels also achieved by engaging in violence poses at the same time this will lead additional risk of increasing levels of aggression.

In general, the force game has higher rates of action this process also improves the experience of perceived difficulty; this also leads effects on aggressive thoughts. The recent study examined the effect of playing violent video games that show playing violent game improve behavioral aggression. The student also found people with increased levels of aggression; it can found among the people who play violent games continuously.

Most of the harmful effects of video games blamed for the violence they contain. Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and decreased pro-social helping, according to a scientific study (Anderson & Bushman, 2001).

Also according to Dmitri A. Christakis of the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, those who watch a lot of simulated violence, such as those in video games, can become immune to it, more inclined to act themselves violently, and are less likely to behave emphatically.

The effect of video game violence in kids also increased, and the player is in control of the violence at the same time experiences the violence. Normally, the teenagers who commit violent crimes they also spend a significant amount of time playing video games. Now, most of the people enjoy playing violent video games, but this will make you and your kid socially isolated. With this, you kids will spend less time on the following activities including:

doing homework,
interacting with the family & friends

The violent video games only provide wrong values as well as improves violent behavior, vengeance. Playing violent games in the virtual world may be contributing to the reality. At the same time people who play the violent game they also feel guilty about their behavior in the virtual world so this factor also makes them sensitive.

If you kid plays a violent game, they may also have harmful effects. Even the playing video games also-also lead health issues.

When playing violent video games online, your kid can pick up bad language at the same time learn about behavior from other people this will lead many complicated issues.

Normally, video games can be addictive for kids, at the same time this will improve depression and anxiety levels. More importantly, addicted kids also exhibit social phobias, and they also spend less time for their academic side.

If the kids are spending more time for playing violent video games that also exhibit impulsive behavior. Mainly, they also need time to daydream, as well as deal with anxieties.

Simulating violence including shooting guns, fighting against human and hand-to-hand combat in video games also lead many problems in real-life. Additionally, this will improve violent behavior.
Most of the times kids also inhabiting violent characters in video games, at the same time they also imitate the actions of those characters it will lead serious problems. More importantly, the exposure to violent video games also lead lack of skill, and it is also linked to lower empathy. In addition to this, it will decrease kindness. Overall this kind of video games also improves violence against women that also lead to more serious attitudes.

The American Psychological Association conducts the recent study and also lists violent video games as a risk factor for aggressive thoughts as well as behavior.

Violent video games reinforce fighting which means players are rewarding the use of violent action. The violent game includes more weapons, and this kind of games also includes a different harmful option. Aggressive options are essential to moving on to higher levels, so every play uses these factors while playing games.

Playing violent game improves aggressive thoughts, so it is important to spend less time to play that type of games if you are the parent you just monitor your kid’s activity on the internet.

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