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Gandii Baat Season 1

There is no doubt that Gandii Baat has a big role to play behind the success of ALTBalaji. However, due to piracy, it may affect this streaming platform. Earlier Tamilrockers and other websites were only leaking movies but after the emergence of OTT platforms, they have started leaking the web series as well. However, as a responsible news portal we won’t recommend you watch or download Gandii Baat season 1 episode from these pirated sites because it can land you into the trouble. We would like to clarify one thing here that watching or downloading copyright content from these sites is against the law.

So now you would be wondering where to watch Gandii Baat Season 1 all Episodes Online?

In this post, we will inform you about the legit way to watch all episodes of Gandii Baat Season1. Gandii Baat season 1 is streaming live on Altbalaji and Zee 5 App. You can download these apps from play store and watch all episodes of Gandii Baat Season 1 without any fear or problem. Moreover, the quality of the videos will be good too. The subscription charges of Altbalaji is 100 rupees for three months and 300 rupees for 1 year which is not too costly compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime. So we will suggest you to purchase their subscription and enjoy watching all episodes of Gandii Baat Season 1.

What is the Story of Gandii Baat Season 1?

The season 1 of Gandii Baat consists of 4 rural stories and it shows the erotic stories of rural part of India. Ever since the first season of Gandii Baat has come, people have liked it and eventually, till now Altbalaji has made 4 parts of Gandii Baat and they are planning for the 5th part as well.

How can you watch Gandii Baat Season 1 on Altbalaji For Free?

A lot of people are curious to know Is it free to watch online or download Gandii Baat Season 1 all episode free on Altbalaji. So the answer is ” No”, it is not free to watch Gandii Baat Season 1 all episode for free on Altbalaji. You need to buy their subscription to be able to watch all Altbalaji shows.

How to subscribe ALTBalaji?

You can subscribe for 3 months @ ₹ 100 or for 1 year @ ₹ 300

Can we use the ALTBalaji account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the ALTBalaji account for up to 5 different devices.


We would like to clarify one thing here that we do not support watching or downloading any movie from these pirated sites because it is against the law and we are sharing this as news and also advise you to stay away from watching movies from Pirated sites.

Gandii Baat Season 1 Trailer
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