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Gandii Baat Season 5

Finally, the wait is over! A lot of people were kept on asking on different forums and social media platforms “When will be the Gandii Baat Season 5 releasing?” or “Where can they watch online Gandii Baat Season 5 for free?” So to all those fans of Gandii Baat, there is good news for you all. Gandii Baat Season 5 is finally releasing on 8th Oct 2020. So get ready to watch this show if you are a die heart fan. However, a lot of fans who don’t know “Where can they watch Gandii Baat Season 5 online?” or “Is it free to watch Gandii Baat Season 5 free on Alt Balaji?” Then check out this post

What is the Plot of Gandii Baat Season 5?

The plot of Gandii Baat Season 5 has not been disclosed yet, however, looking at the trailer, we can predict that Gandii Baat season will also entail the story of suppressed fantasies of small-town alike its predecessor series’s. The series consists of four episodes and every episode will unearth the taboos of rural India.

What is the Star cast of Gandii Baat Season 5?

This series has the following cast:

  1. Amika Shail
  2. Farman Haider
  3. Pooja Dey
  4. Sanya Bansal
  5. Savant Singh Premi
  6. Ankit Bhatia
  7. Pamela Mondal
  8. Piyali P Munsi
  9. Satakshi Shorya
  10. Parichay Sharma

The series has been produced by the Queen of Indian Television – Ekta Kapoor and Sachin Mohite.

Where can you Watch Online Gandii Baat Season 5?

Gandii Baat Season 5 is going to stream on Altbalaji on 8th October. So you can watch online this series on ALTBalaji. However, it is not free to watch Gandii Baat Season 5, you need to have the Paid Plan of AltBalaji to watch this series. If you have questioned whether you can download Gandii Baat Season 5, so you download Gandii Baat Season 5 within the app to watch it offline during your free time.

What are the Subscription Plans of ALTBalaji and Zee5?

The Subscription Plans of ALTBalaji are:
Plan 1: 3 Months Subscription @ ₹ 100
Plan 2: 12 Months Subscription @ ₹ 300

The Subscription Plans of Zee5 are:
Plan 1: 1 Month Subscription @ ₹ 99
Plan 2: 6 Months Subscription @ ₹ 599
Plan 3: 12 Months Subscription @ ₹ 999

How Many Episodes are in Gandii Baat Season 5?

There is no official confirmation about the number of episodes in this series yet. But we can predict that there will be four episodes looking at the last seasons and format of this show.

Watch Gandii Baat Season 5

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