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Guess Who – This Character Actor Is Loaded!


This character actor has three first names, but no surname. When a superstar joked about it at an awards function, he was pissed. His family has been in the movie business right from the time of his grandfather, who is some sort of a legend in the music industry. Goes without saying that his grandfather, knew everybody who matters in the business. His grandfather was especially close to the members of the oldest and biggest film family of Bollywood. His father, although not as successful as his grandfather too was part of the music industry. This star made his debut in a thriller and was an anti-hero.

While he started off as the lead actor, he played the second lead in some films. People have forgotten that he played the lead in a flop opposite the biggest actress of Bollywood currently. But then he was forced to do character roles in big movies. He was after all not a superstar actor’s son, but a superstar singer’s grandson. But he seems to have been in the good books of the people who matter. He was shrewd enough to play the villain in south Indian films. He played the villain in the latest installment of a comedy franchise, which released in 2017. Most of his movies in the last one year have been flops.

We were shocked recently to see his name trending on twitter. It was weird to find a character actor’s name trending. When we dug around we found out that he is a pain to be around and thinks no end of himself. A source inform us that he freely gives his “creative inputs”. But it seems he can afford to be that way. He and his family not only own several flats. He must have paid a bomb for his name to trend on twitter. His vast wealth allows him to produce a movie starring himself – which is up for release. Apart from his home production, he will also be seen as the main villain in a big budget Hindi-south Indian flick starring a South Indian hero, whose last film broke box office records across the country and is one of the most successful Indian films ever made.

Can you guess the celeb we are talking about?

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