Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump: Donald Trump is Ahead Of Hillary Clinton For the First Time

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According to the recent opinion poll conducted by the ABC News, for the very first time since May polls, the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is ahead of his opponent Hillary Clinton.


Donald Trump who has been in the news for a long time due to various controversial reasons will heave a sigh of relief after this opinion poll. However, the margin between the two leading contenders for American presidential post is just 1% percent. In the recent opinion poll, forty-six percent of people said that they would vote Trump in the upcoming elections. On the other hand, forty-five percent people confirmed that they would cast their votes for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The recent polls are enough to fret Hillary Clinton because just one week ago, in the same poll she was ahead of Trump by 12 points. But after the declaration made by FBI chief James Comey regarding a new inquiry into her email use last week, her popularity narrowed.
The enthusiasm among her supporters had declined in the polls.One week ago, the percentage of people who were adamant to cast their votes for the Democratic participant had slipped down from 51 percent to 47 percent.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has been hit by the several scandals since he started his campaign. But the most significant scandal was the release of a video on 7th October in which he can be heard boasting about sexually assaulting women. However, later Trump claimed that his comments were just “words” and denied that he ever groped a woman. Nonetheless, since then several women have come out and accused Trump of sexually assaulting them.

But this has come as a surprise to many poll analyst that even after so much controversies still trump is in a game. And giving a tough fight to opponent Hillary Clinton. Many have even claimed that the kind of controversies which happened with Trump in the past would have easily ended the campaign of any other candidate, but astonishingly Trump has survived all these hiccups.

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