Home Remedies To Get Rid-of Hemorrhoids or Piles, Symptoms, Reason, Types

Home Remedies To Get Rid-Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or commonly termed as piles is a serious health problem that occurs to anyone irrespective of their age. So, those who presume that piles or hemorrhoids can happen after 40 age or obese people should read this post.

Home Remedies To Get Rid-Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or piles are swelling that occurs around the area of your rectum or anus due to excessive strain on that part of the body. Hemorrhoids is not a life-threatening disease but it is an excruciatingly painful disease that can be extremely uncomfortable for you.

  • This problem can occur to anyone, however those people who are of age 40+,
  • Pregnant women,
  • Poor diet,
  • Excessive pressure during bowel movement
  • Suffering from liver disease.
  • Constipation

Types of Piles or Hemorrhoids:

Types of Piles or Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is primarily of two types:

  • Internal Hemorrhoids
  • External Hemorrhoids

1. Internal Hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids are less painful as compared to external. In the case of internal hemorrhoids, the swollen blood vessels of the rectum are scattered inside the anus. In the case of internal hemorrhoids, bright red rectal bleeding happens during a bowel movement.

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2. External Hemorrhoids:

lie within the anus and you can touch it and feel it. It is more painful as compared to internal. The pain enhances when you move, run, or during the bowel movement. External piles or hemorrhoids sometimes bleed, itch, swallow which becomes quite uncomfortable for someone to handle. Despite being painful, the hemorrhoid is not considered a serious health problem and it can disappear itself after some time.

In case, the pain is unbearable, you can visit a doctor and he/she can remove it or give you a pain killer for relief.

Common Symptoms of Piles or Hemorrhoids:

  • To treat any problem you need to read and evaluate the symptoms of that problem discreetly. So, if you have doubts that you are suffering from piles then check the following symptoms.
  • The first problem which a person faces if he/she is suffering from piles is swelling around the anus along with itching and burning sensation during a bowel movement.
  • You will feel a knob of muscles around your anus when you touch there. And pressing it will be quite painful.
  • While bowel movement if you bleed excessively from the anus, then it is a symptom of piles or hemorrhoids.
  • Excessive pain during a bowel movement.

Reasons for Piles or Hemorrhoids

  • Excessive weight lifting because puts pressure or strain around the anus muscles.
  • Putting more force while defecating can also induce this problem.
  • Sitting or standing for a long time can also give rise to this problem.
  • Pregnancy
  • Vomiting or holding your breath while doing some intense physical activities.

Home Remedies to Get rid-off Hemorrhoids or Piles

Apply Ice Bag on the Affected Area: Since piles are caused due to inflamed veins. So, applying an ice pack helps in lessening the inflammation by slowing blood around the affected area.

However, do not overdo this activity. Only put ice bag around the affected area for 5-10 minutes.

Stay Hydrated: Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water regularly because it will increase the flood quantity in your system and reduce the chances of constipation. And make bowel movement easy.

Take a Size Bath: You can soak yourself in warm water around your hips and waste for 20-30 minutes. It will give rest to your vein muscles and also lessen the inflammation around the anus. And give you instant relief from pain.

Stay Hygiene: Clean your anus regularly. Bath twice a day and try to clean your anus affected area with a gentle stream of water. And then clean it with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use dry paper to clean because it can further cause you irritation and a burning sensation.

Use Apple Cider: A natural apple cider proves quite effective in treating this disease. If you are suffering from external hemorrhoids or piles, then take a soft cotton cloth and immerse it with apple cider solution and apply it to the affected area for some time it will give you instant relief.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is also an effective medicine to treat this disease. The anti-inflammatory action of aloe vera heals this problem quite instantly.

Lemon Juice: It can also help in reducing inflammation and bleeding due to the presence of antioxidants in the lemon juice. You can either apply lemon juice on the affected part of your body or you can intake lemon juice with ginger once a day. And doing it frequently will fade away the pain and inflammation in a week.

Olive Oil: Olive oil also helps in curing this problem. The presence of anti-inflammatory substances in this product help in reducing the pain and burning sensation adequately. Consuming olive oil to your food regularly will soothe the area and reduces the pain and discomfort caused due to piles. It will also make it easy for you to release stool.

Do not strain excessively while bowl movement because it harms the anus muscles around the opening. This is one of the main reasons for causing piles. So, if you are suffering from constipation or any other diseases seek advice from a doctor to cure constipation.

Do not sit for a prolonged period of time in the toilet because it can also give birth to piles. While sitting on the toilet make some movement with your legs this may facilitate some relief to your bowel movement.

Do not hold the nature call. If you feel the urge to go to the bathroom, then leave your other work and head toward the bathroom. Because stopping bowel movement for a prolonged time can cause constipation and that can further cause piles.

Include fiber rich foods in your diet because it will regulate your bowel movement.

You can make a simple stool softener by adding one tablespoon (14.79 ml) of mineral oil to soft food like applesauce or yogurt.

Include wheat, green vegetables, grain, rice, oats, seeds, and pasta in your diet. If you are not able to complete the fiber need of your body, then you can take supplements to fulfill the need for fiber in your diet.

 If after doing all this still you are not getting any relief then fix an appointment with your doctor immediately.

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