How to Register if you want to go to your home states from Punjab?

shramik train registeration

The Government of India has allowed migrants stuck in the different states to return to their homes and special trains have been run to conveying passengers to their home town. Special trains for shramik’s is about to start in Amritsar as well. Thus, if you are curious to know how and where to book tickets and get approvals for Shramiks trains in Amritsar, Punjab to go back to my home town, then you should read this article. If you want to go back to your home state from Amritsar, Punjab, then you need special permission from the Government to book your ticket on the Sharmik train.

How to do registration for Shramik Special Train in Amritsar, Punjab?

You can’t directly board into the Shramik Special train, you need to take special permission from the Nodal officer and your state government to travel in the train. A lot of people have a question that do they need to pay to book their tickets in the Shramik Special Train? No, you won’t need to pay for Shramik Special Train, it would be paid by the State Government. You have to call the Nodal officer assigned in your district and give them the reason for your travel and then after assessing your reason for traveling, he/she will send you a form that you need to fill and send it back. After it, your Nodal officer will send your details to the Railway. Your Nodal officer will let you know how and from where your train will depart. You need to be in touch with your nodal officer to go back to your home town.

Point To Point Travel:

The Shramik special train will run from point to point and they won’t stop at its platform before reaching your destination. All trains will carry 1200 passengers at a time. All passengers have to go through thermal screening to be able to travel on the train and if anyone has temperature or cold, they won’t be allowed to sit on the train.

Registration of People who want to go to their home states from Punjab?

Here is the link that you have to open and fill the form to travel in the Shramik Train.

Registration of People who want to come back to Punjab

If you are stuck in any other city and want to come back to Punjab, then you need to fill this form.

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