How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Installing Tracking App

how to track your lost phone


How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Installed Tracking App

how to track your lost phone

It is forever frustrating when you are losing your Android tablet or smartphone and not recognizing where your device is located. It is more fact for people who do not come with a tracker app of Android phone installed on their device to discover the exact area.

But the best thing is that many ways available for Android users to find their Android mobile without having the tracker app previously installed. If you desire to know about the best solutions for tracking the lost Android mobile, you can read this article carefully.

Track your Android tablet and phone by using a device manager


  1. Android phone has access to proper internet connection
  2. Mobile phone is linked with your personal Google account
  3. Permitted ADM (Android Device Manager) to locate the phone find it and delete its data.
  4. It can modify the settings app of Google.
  5. You can use the Android device manager for finding your android device without any hesitation because it appears as an excellent way to easily track the Android tablet or phone.
  6.  If you like to use this software for tracking your Android phone, you need to make your Android device already connected to the Google account as well as have the Internet access. The Android device manages permits to track your device, have the mobile ring and remotely clear all data from your device.

Find My Phone of Samsung

Android phone has direct access to internet connection

  1. Have the Samsung account as well as phone registered
  2. The Find my phone requires setting up on your Samsung phone
  3. It is vital to note that the Samsung has the Find My Phone option that let users discover their Android device. Using the tracking service of Samsung known as “Find my phone” you needs the Samsung account as well as registered the phone before your device has stolen or lost.
  • Prefer Android Lost:
    Phone has direct access to the efficient internet connection
  • Phone is linked with the Google account
  • Phone not running the Android 3.0
  • You can visit the website of Google play and find the Lost app of Android and choose an install button that will install your app on the android phone. The Android phone still requires logged into the Google account for an android phone tracking tool to work. After that, you can send a message or text to your device which will activate your tracking app on your phone. Additionally, you can follow these simple steps, including:
  • Install the lost Android tool remotely
    You can activate the Android Lost option which is not working on the Android 3.0
  • Log in a website of android lost
  • Use the location history of Google Maps
    Android phone is linked to the proper internet connection
    Device is associated with the Google account
    Your phone has access to internet connection
    Location history and location reporting require activated
    It not helps you to track the lost android phone but helps you to find a location history option of the Google Maps. However, it is an excellent way to track the device, and this can be at the final location described on this map.
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