Lessons Learned from Sadhguru Book: Youth and Truth Unplug with Sadhguru

Youth and Truth - Sadhguru

Everything that Sadhguru does has a deep meaning behind it. There is a lot of insight in whatever he speaks during his public interactions across the world. His ability to simplify complex things in life is what almost every youngster seeks in today’s environment. Probably, this is one of the main reasons why the youth connect with him a lot.

Sadhguru’s new book Youth and Truth Unplug with Sadhguru is targeted at younger readers. It aims to address their confusion and makes a genuine effort to clear them. We are in an era where the youth is in front of screens all the time, they have limited attention spans and yet they are looking for meaning and purpose in life. Youth and Truth is a perfect book for them because it talks about distractions, additions, balance, truth, information overload, and the truth. The book does it all by answering questions from students across many universities in India. This question-and-answer approach makes the book more authentic (because of questions coming directly from the students) and relevant to young minds.

Here are a few lessons learned from this book by Sadhguru:

Internal Energy

Directly or indirectly, the energy of an individual is one of the many themes of this book. While answering the questions of the youth, Sadhguru manages to make them aware of how important it is to focus on their inner energies. Some of the thought-provoking questions address the restlessness that the youth face due to many external factors and how it displaces their energy. The answers give us in-depth advice to not only identify that displaced energy within us but also realign that energy for our betterment. When you’re young, you are buzzing with extreme curiosity, the emotions are amplified and there are many things that you face for the first time. In a time like that, this book can do wonders for young minds. It can help them develop emotional intelligence at an early age and help them channel their energies in the right direction.

Consciousness of Life

Another theme in this book that is worth mentioning is the consciousness of life. There are pages in this book that will help you dive into various life philosophies and how to live with a conscious mind. It also put across ideas that can help you become more aware of various aspects of your life and how you can strike balance between each of those aspects. Living your life to the fullest, avoiding being miserable, and not being stuck is the true way of being and this book definitely helps you with that.

New Perspectives

When you read a book, it’s important to embrace new ideas without any preconceived notions. To make those ideas part of your life or not is a different discussion and a matter of choice. However, reading new perspectives and making an effort to understand those perspectives makes your book reading experience worth it. Without taking a toll on your mind, Youth and Truth gives you many new perspectives and a lot of material to process. You get to learn many new perspectives on your existing problems and some of the insights can help you find better solutions to them.

About the Author:

Sadhguru is a renowned yogi with immense popularity among the young generation all over the world. He is known for simplifying centuries-old yogic sciences for modern society. His ideas and talks are directed toward helping people go through self-transformation. Under his guidance, a non-profit organization called Isha Foundation was established. The foundation is well-known for its yoga programs, inner transformation programs, and social programs for the well-being of humans. Sadhguru has been invited by United Nations and the World Economic Forum to speak on diverse issues related to humanity, spirituality, and the environment.

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