#Metoo Movement: 5 Bollywood actresses who raise their voice against sexism in the Bollywood

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The #Metoo movement has shocked the Bollywood. After Tanushree famous episode of accusing Nana Patekar for molesting her during the shooting of “Horn Okay” movie in 2008. A lot of Bollywood actresses have raised their voice against Sexism in the Bollywood. 

Today, we would be discussing the top 5 Bollywood actresses who have raised their voice against the prevalent casting couch in the Bollywood.

Top 5 Bollywood Actresses Raised their Voice against the Prevalent Casting Couch in the Bollywood

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1. Kangana Ranaut:

The brave actress is known for calling spade a spade and her blunt nature. In fact, she was one of the first actresses who raised her voice against casting couch in the Bollywood.  

2. Kalki Koechlin:

The talented actress made startling revelation that a famous producer tried to misbehave her. He invited her late dinner and asked if she accepts his proposal, she would land a role in his upcoming movie.

3. Sandhya Mirdul:

The actress who played a reel life daughter to Alok Nath accused him of misconducting with her on sets. She shared a lengthy post on social media where she narrated the incident when in inebriated state Alok Nath tried to sexually harass but somehow she managed to escape.

4. Sona Mahapatra:

The singer has accused singer Kailash Kher for sexually harassing her in the recent wake of #Metoo campaign. She has shared her story on social media where she lashed out at the singer saying that he tried to touch her inappropriately and even invited her to his hotel room during a music tour. 

5. Tisca Chopra:

The talented actress Tisca Chopra once said that she was asked by a producer to compromise in order to land a role in his movie. She also bluntly told the media that casting couch is a common practice in the Bollywood and if you want to get good roles in Bollywood then you should be ready to share the bed with famous producers.

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