OkPunjab Website 2020: Download Latest Punjabi Movies or Watch Online – Is It Legal?


Okpunjab is an illegal torrent site from where one can watch or download the latest Punjabi movies. A lot of people are curious to know how to download movies from Okpunjab? Is it illegal to watch or download Punjabi movies from Okpunjab? or How to Watch or download the latest Punjabi movies from Okpunjab? or What is the working URLs of Okpunjab?

Thus, if you have all these questions in your mind so in this post we will be answering all these questions.

About Okpunjab

Okpunjab is a torrent website that would provide Punjabi movies initially, however, later they started providing English, Bollywood, and south dubbed movies on their platform. The movies that are available on this platform are generally the pirated version of the real movies. Thus, Okpunjab has been banned in India and in other countries. However, the admins of these types of websites are clever, they buy hundreds of domains and when one of their domains is being blocked by the government, they redirect the entire website on the new domain and start working. Therefore, it is hugely difficult for the Government to find these types of sites. Okpunjab is a free movie streaming platform where users can get the latest Punjabi and old Punjabi movies along with Hindi, English and south movies. Users are required to create their account and they can have access to all new movies.

Is it legit to Watch or Download movies from Okpunjab?

No, it is not safe to watch or download movies from Okpunjab because it is a pirated site and as per Indian anti-piracy law you should not watch or download any movie from Okpunjab or any other pirated sites. Talking about the interface of this platform, so it is quite easy to access this site and the site speed is good so you can easily access movies from this site.

Latest Links of OKPunjab Website (2020)

Since this is a pirated site so it gets occasionally blocked by the Government of India and other countries where Anti Piracy law is implemented.

  • OkpunjabHindi.vip
  • OkpunjabHindi.me
  • OkpunjabHindi.in
  • OkpunjabHindi.fu
  • OkpunjabHindi.pro
  • OkpunjabHindi.fm
  • OkpunjabHindi.cc

How to download movies from OkPunjab?

It is simple to watch or download movies from the Okpunjab website. There are an ample amount of new and old Punjabi, Hindi and English movies that you can watch or download from Okpunjab.

  1. Open your browser and type Okpunjab official website
  2. You will get the URL, click on it and you’d be redirected to the website.
  3. On the home page, you will see a list of recently released movies
  4. You will see a search bar on the top of the site and you can type the name of the movie that you want to see and click on the red color button to download the movie.

Important keywords to find Okpunjab website

These are the list of important keywords to find the Okpunjab website.

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