Pratyusha Banerjee suicide: Rahul Raj Singh forced her into prostitution?


The actress pratyusha Banerjee who had shocked the entire nation by committing suicide early this year. Now after seven months of her dead, new revelations have surfaced in her suicide case. According to her lawyer, pratyusha killed herself because her alleged boyfriend Rahul had compelled her into prostitution.


According to a Mumbai Mirror report, she was apparently forced into prostitution by her boyfriend.

A transcript of the conversation between two has revealed the useful insight of the case. In transcript, pratyusha was heard talking to her boyfriend where she was heard saying that B******d man.. I f**k so hard.. In my life, i f**k so hard… for everything… I had not come here to sell myself… I had come here to act… to work. And where are you putting me today.. Rahul, you have no idea how bad I am feeling right now.”

In further conversation pratyusha was heard saying that you are a selfish man… and you have destroyed my life. People are raising question at my dignity. Toward the end of conversation, she was heard saying that rahul it’s all over.. and i am dead.

Whereas, rahul was all the time trying to console her and heard saying that wait for half an hour while i come back. To which pratyusha replied that everything will be over in half an hour.

On the basis of the revealed conversation, pratyusha lawyer Neeraj Gupta told that it is crystal clear that Rahul had forced pratyusha into prostitution. On the other hand, rahul said that transcript does not reveal anything substantial.

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