Problems That Surface When A Older Woman Marry A Younger Man And How to Overcome it

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“Ae dil hai mushkil”, the name of karan johar movie aptly depicts the situation of a person when he/she is in love. Being in love is one of the most blissful feeling in the world. However, when you are in love than all the stereotypes such as age, caste and creed becomes useless. There are lot of stereotype beliefs persist across the world such as man should be always older than woman. And if anyone who dares to break such prevailing beliefs are often look down upon.

Here in this post we will focus on the problems that surface when woman is older than her partner. And, how a woman can overcome these insecurities:

Problems Occur:

Fear of losing him to a Younger Woman: If you are into a committed relation with a younger boy, then, often this doubt arises in your mind to losing him to a younger and attractive girl. When you see a young & attractive woman eyeing at him, you get possessive. And, start fearing that he would ditch you for her.

Fear of Getting Ridiculed by his friends: You feel nervous while interacting with his friends due to age group. You think that you would be laughed at or tagged as outdated by his friends. Moreover, this problems also evoke between couple if they have wide age gap that they do not get common talking ground.

Difference in Expectation: It is a fact that woman mature faster than man. Therefore, if you are elder to your partner than you misunderstandings are bound to happen. Because, you have high expectations but you would not give him chance to get matured.

The Social Pressure: Our Indian society set up is basically patriarchal. Therefore, if you married to a boy younger than your age, people will either ridicule you or hate you. So, this social pressure also weaken your relationship.


Have faith in him, he won’t cheat you: Do not let negative thoughts to affect your relationship. If he loves you then he would not think of cheating you. And, if talks with other girls of his age, then, do not feel jealous. Trust at him and give him space to breathe in relationship. Think of you as young, confident as of his age.

Try to mix up with his friends: Instead of ignoring his friends, try to mix up with his friends. It may possible that you find his friends more interesting than yours. And it would also cement your relationship with him and let you discover the new things about your partner.

Respect each other: A marital relation can’t sustain without respect. So, if you don’t respect the feelings & emotions of your partner. Then your relationship is bound to be broken. Therefore, respect each other and show faith in each other.

Lower Your Expectation: Often it is being seen that a relationship fail because of unrealistic expectation of couples from each other. So, if you are one of those partners who have so many expectations from their partner, then try to lower it. It is also being said that if you have less expectation from each other than you won’t feel pain.



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