Love Story of Chetan Bhagat And Anusha

Read The Love Story of Chetan Bhagat And Anusha, How they met each other and fell in Love

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Have you read the Chetan Bhagat novel “Two States”? And have you watched the movie “Two States?” If yes, then you would be wondering that is this movie based on famous author Chetan Bhagat. And if you think that this movie is based on the love life of Chetan Bhagat, then you are right. The famous novel is entirely based on the life of Chetan Bhagat and how he met the love of his life “Anusha Suryanarayanan”.

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How They Met: Chetan Bhagat and his better half met during the year 1995 in Ahmedabad’s Indian Institute of Management. Little did they know that it is the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

In an interview, Anusha said that she fell for him because of his tremendous sense of humor.

“He was a clown in campus, and I’d crack up at his jokes while the other guys were too busy studying or trying to impress me”.

In Chetan’s own words: “My wife Anusha was so cute that many guys in campus wanted to try their luck with her. But then, some guys do work their charm better”.

However, Chetan hailed from a Punjabi family and Anusha belonged to a Tamil brahmin family. Therefore, things did not go down well with their families who strongly against their love. Chetan said that for his family the number one concern was that she is Tamil and for her family, the biggest concern was that he does not hail from a Brahmin family.

However, they were not easy to surrender. And finally, their love defeated their families and them tied-knots. And it has been around sixteen years since they are together and enjoying marital bliss. According to Chetan, Anusha has been very supportive of her and stood by her side through all difficulties. Moreover, she is the biggest critic of his work and always inspires him to come up with something new and exciting.

The love story of Chetan and Anusha is a perfect cocktail of north and south culture. They both celebrate their festivals in a bit different manner. Moreover, their food habits and lifestyle is different from each other. However, these trivial issues did not let these issues come their way. And they enjoy the best of both cultures. Chetan and Anusha’s love story is a real inspiration for all couples who feel hesitant while being put in this kind of situation.

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