Red, Orange, Green Zone district-wise list for coronavirus lockdown: Complete classification of areas in India

coronavirus zone wise list

The Government of India has decided to extend the lockdown for two more weeks till 17th May 2020. The decision has been taken to contain the spread of the virus. Till now, India has been able to contain the virus, however, as per experts we should not lift the lockdown suddenly because it’d help the virus to spread rapidly. Considering the suggestions of experts, The Government of India has decided to extend lockdown for two more weeks to help India to fight against this virus.

Although, this time Government is giving relaxations even in the red zone. The government of India has divided the country into three zones Red, Orange, and Green. Green Zone will have almost no restrictions and a lot of industrial and even buses are allowed to do the movement. Salon and Spas are also allowed in the green and orange zone. You can read the full list of relaxation here:

You can check here in which zone your city or state lies

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