Tips and Tricks to Save More Money on Amazon

Save Money on Amazon

Who doesn’t like shopping at their own convenience from anywhere at any time? Well, we all love online shopping at Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra, etc. as it’s easy and you will get all the categories in one place. But don’t forget about savings because a penny saved is a penny earned. That’s why we curated the list of tips and tricks which will help you save more money while shopping.

10 Ways to Save More Money on Amazon

Capitalize on Amazon’s convenience and services without breaking the bank. Go through the tips and tricks to save big!

1. Get Amazon Prime Membership

To get access to tons of perks and free delivery benefits, it is beneficial to become a prime member of Amazon. The Amazon Prime subscription is also very reasonable and a one-time investment of Rs.129/- per month or Rs.999/- per year. This membership will help you save on your heavy shipping charges every time you buy something. You can also get a same-day or one-day delivery facility. Also, you will be able to access free streaming of music, videos, shows, and movies. Other than this, you can enjoy Prime day deals, in this, you get steep discounts and deals that a general public or non-prime member cannot have.

2. Use Money Saving Coupons

While shopping online everyone will look for a platform from where they can find an array of vouchers or coupons. You can save massive on your shopping bills by using clickable Amazon India coupons.

3. Check out Amazon Warehouse Deals and Today’s Deals

Just like Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, or any other online retailer, Amazon also offers enticing discounts and deals that will help you save lots of money if you browse wisely. Wherever you go on a shopping spree always check out the sections of “Today’s Deals” or “Warehouse Deals”. These are the good bet to pay attention to. They have a wide range of products that are on sale and available at up to 80% off on all categories or sometimes even more. Shop more and Save more!

4. Don’t Rush, Save for Later

As we all know, playing hard to get always pays off. So why not try it while shopping? Amazon gives you the feature of “Save for Later” so if you are interested in buying one, it’s wise to save it for later. Sometimes, you find something better than that or you change the idea of buying that one. So it stays safe in your wishlist. Also, saving it to purchase in the future also benefits you as Amazon will give you an alert if the price of that product drops. So don’t rush, shop patiently!

5. Use the App

The best way to stay updated is to keep the Amazon app on your phone. So that next time when there will be any deals and offers it will pop up like a notification on your phone. Also, you will get access to the tremendous Amazon app offers as well. The app makes shopping super easy, you can sort before you shop according to your preference. Compare the price before buying the product online easily.

6. Bundling Items

Free shipping is a plus point for Prime members. However, if you don’t have prime membership you can still save tons on the shipping charges. It is always a wise decision to choose products and add to your cart and then sort products in your cart. You are free to discard something from the cart before making payment. Furthermore, instead of ordering a single product place your order of multiple products at the same time so you can save on your delivery fee.

7. Trade-in Stuff

Got a book 7 days ago but of no use for you now? You can go to the Amazon trade-in program. This lets you exchange eligible items for a gift card. This policy works only on selective categories, some of them are books, DVDs, and many more.

8. Buy Refurbished Items

Customers can collect the products from top-notch brands that look brand new but more affordable than the fresh piece. Each refurbished or open-box product is carefully examined by the suppliers and is available with a guaranteed 90-day warranty. However, be mindful enough to understand the return policy before ordering one. It is also one of the safest and best shopping experiences.

9. Price Tracking Alert

It is always amazing to compare prices before buying something. However, there is an easy way to keep a track of prices. With the help of tracking sites and apps, instead of manually browsing the website you will get an alert whenever the price of an item drops. You will get an email or text message so you can swoop in.

10. Take Advantage of Slower Shipping

Last but the best from the rest. If you have a subscription to prime then you are eligible for Amazon rewards. Being a prime member if you opt for standard delivery or slower shipping speed, you may get an instant discount on your order. Along with this, if you order anything else in the future, a promotional credit will also get applied to your account.


No matter how convenient it is to shop on Amazon, it is also full of little opportunities and ways to save more money. With the help of these aforementioned tricks and valuable real-time customer’s reviews, you can get anything you want in just one click. Keep shopping and keep saving!

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