Top 5 Alternatives of Camscanner Chinese App to make your life easier


As we all know the Government of India has decided to Ban 59 Chinese bans including some popular apps Tiktok, Camscanner, and UC browser. Camscanner is a great app as it allows us to easily scan documents, however, now this app has banned by Indian Government, so we’d to look at some of the alternatives of Camscanners that you can use.

Top CamScanner Alternative

Adobe: It is a powerful app that works similarly to Camscanner. It helps you to easily scan the documents and directly transfer the files in word and excel. Thus, if you can use this Adobe app as an alternative of Camscanner.

Microsoft Lens: This is also a powerful alternative to Camscanner. It works similarly to Camscanner and quite easy to use. If you are curious where to download Microsoft Lens then you can download it from Playstore. This app works best if you have Microsoft ecosystem and it is totally free so download this app from Playstore and use it as an alternative of Camscanner.

PhotoScan: It is another great alternative to Camscanner that is developed by Google itself. So you should not worry about the quality of this app. It does not only let you scan papers & documents but also you can scan pictures and save them in the digital format. You can find this app on Playstore. This app is a perfect alternative to Photoscan.

TapScanner: It is another great alternative to the Camscanner app. You can use this document documents, receipts, business cards easily with the help of this tool. This app is a perfect alternative of the Camscanner tool so if you are looking for a perfect alternative of Tapscanner then you should use it. This app is totally free so go now and download it from the play store.

TurboScan: This app is a perfect alternative of the Camscanner app and if you are looking for the app that looks like a clone of Camscanner then it is the perfect app. It easily scans all documents, important documents in PDF or PNG format.

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