best apps for android to watch live tv

Top Five best Android Mobile TV App You Should Try in 2017


1. Spotify

Spotify is, for your money and possibly you can hear the best music streaming service there is. It features tons of songs, excellent discovery and playlist options, and it’s simple to use. It’s too one of the only stream services of this kind that consent to and you to stream anything songs you want for free. It’s a solid generally choice and one of the better Android TV apps out there. If you need something more around and are positively paying, the Google Play Music one of the best competitor, but if all you want is music stream, and Spotify is really good.

spotify online movie streaming app

2. Pandora

Full up with battle movies, sitcoms and doubtfully dubbed anime movies, Pandora force let you watch the whole thing from playing field black to Pandora on a revolving basis, of course. And the Sony having services, and normally mixing with the available. On the intense side, it’s free of charge, and as well acting host to an amount of unique series, like Jerry Pandora comic in Cars receiving Coffee.

pandora app for movie watching on android

3. VLC

The VLC is one of the mainly popular video players in the world and one of only a few that is well-suited with Android TV. VLC is famous for its high compatibility rate with a ton of specific file varieties, and you have been able to watch all kinds of video with it. It also supports music if you want that as well. It’s an at one place solution that should fit almost everyone’s needs. It’s also finally free with no advertising and a range of other helpful features.

vlc media player

4. Google Play Music
If you desire to maintain up on existing TV but don’t desire to dish out for a wire subscription or an HD antenna, Google Play Music is the good thing. These service focuses in receiving televise and cable illustrate up exact following they air on TV, regularly contained by 24 hours, Google Play Music facility content from system for example NBC, ABC, Nickelodeon, Fox, and Cartoon Network, in addition to a dash of movies that run the range from “rather honest” to “so terrible, it’s excellent. Original training on Google Play Music contains the mystic funny side Deadbeat and the teenaged excitement East Los High.

5. Google Drive

The Google Drive app is not just ready for Android, TV and as such, you cannot simply head over to the Google Play Store and download it. In hate of being a Google App, it has still to gain official support for the proposal. But, you can also side load it to your Android TV by using an app like ES File Explorer. If you have an Android TV device which has a committed storage option, like the NVIDIA SHIELD, then you can place a copy of the app on an SD card and side load it that way. Formerly installed the user line is not the friendliest but it will provide you with easy access to all your Drive contents.

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