Zakir Naik Slaps Arnab Goswami With 500 CR. Defamation Notice

arnab goswami zakir naik fight

It seems that nowadays nothing is going in favor of Arnab Goswami. A short time ago, barkha dutt lashed out at arnab goswami for painting her as pro pakistani and hafeez saeed supporters. And now Zakir Naik a muslim preacher who have been accused of instigating or inspiring the terrorist who involved in recent dhaka attacks has slammed a defamation case against arnab goswami, the editor-in-chief of Times of India. Additionally, Naik has also purported 500 crore defamation suit against him. And he has also demanded an unconditional public apology from him and Times of India.

arnab goswami zakir naik fight

Naik lawyer booked Arnab Goswami with slandering naik’s name and popularity publicly by running a media trial against him and provoking hate against him.

Solkar issued notices against Arnab Goswami, Avinash Kaul, Megha Prasad, Bureau Chief Times Now, CEO Times Now,Sunil Lulla CEO Times Global Broadcasting Co Ltd and Times Global Broadcasting Co Ltd.
It is hereby essential to mention that arnab goswami has been telecasting the stories against zakir naik ever since it came out in public that zakir hate speeches had inspired the terrorist carry out the attack.

Zakir Naik is a islamic preacher the Islamic Research Foundation, has been in limelight ever since the media suspect his role in regards with the missing of Kerala youths who allegedly joined ISIS.

Now, we are waiting for the response of firebrand news hour anchor arnab goswami response on this. Meanwhile, he and barkha dutt a prominent name in media industries have come out all guns blazing against one another. It is evidential from the barkha dutt facebook post that she is upset with arnab goswami for calling her and a section of media for branding them as “pro-pakistani and hafeez saeed supporters.


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