10 most anticipated upcoming books of 2017 which you would love to read

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If you are an avid book reader and can’t wait to grab new books to read in 2017 but confused among several options, then don’t worry; we have compiled the list of 10 most anticipated upcoming books in 2017 which you would love to read in this year:


Transit is the second installment of the trilogy that initiated with outline. The narrator once again brilliantly builds series of profiles in miniature through her conversations with family, friends, and stranger that remains vague to the reader.

Release Date: Jan 2017



Image result for Anything Is Possible book 2017

The author who previously wrote how to be both kicks is once again back with an interesting tale to narrate. The book will not come in single part, although, it will be published in tetra logy interconnecting different stories altogether.

Release Date: Feb 04

Amiable With Big Teeth

: A newfound last novel by Harlem Renaissance writer Claude McKay is at long last observing production, decades after it was composed. The story records strife among dark scholarly people in the late 1930s as Communists and dark patriots hook over worldwide clashes.

Release Date: Feb 07

Six Four:


: In this Japanese crime novel, enormously celebrated in its nation of origin, a previous analyst who once examined the capturing of a young lady now has his own particular little girl disappear. Against his desires, he’s compelled to return to the case that turned out badly.

Release Date: Feb 07

Lincoln in the Bardo


The short story ace (Tenth of December, CivilWarLand in Bad Decline) runs long-frame with a novel about Abraham Lincoln’s outings to his child’s grave. While the sitting president grieves his child’s passing, spirits around the graveyard watch him in despondency.

Release Date: Feb 14

Exit West

Hamid (The Reluctant Fundamentalist) portrays an anonymous Muslim city where war is breaking out as two youngsters are beginning to look all starry eyed at. As the battling increases and the setbacks mount, the youthful couple learns of charmed entryways that vehicle individuals out of the city and into more secure parts of the world. Be that as it may, when they land in these Western urban communities, they should manage new sorts of threatening vibe.

Release Date: 7 March

White Tears


Two white music aficionados wind up on a dim and puzzling voyage in the wake of posting a fake recording on the web: they introduce it as a lost recording of a 1920s blues performer, however it was made in a recreation center in the present day. However, a gatherer connects to uncover that the recording is entirely.

Release Date: March 14

Anything Is Possible

The Pulitzer-winning creator of Olive Kitteridge presents another picture of-a-group as-novel; this time, the characters highlighted initially showed up in the current year’s widely praised My Name Is Lucy Barton.

Release Date: 25 April

The Secrets of My Life

Image result for The Secrets of My Life Grand Central Publishing  By Caitlyn Jenner

The transgender symbol shares the subtle elements of her life, from her achievements as an Olympic competitor to her profoundly open (and promoted) move.

Release Date: 25 April

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