10 Worst Serial Killers World has Ever Seen

Who are the best serial killers in the history?

Who are the best serial killers in the history of humankind is a question that intrigues everyone. Serial killers are criminals who are engaged in killing three or four people usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification. Over the decades, we have come across several grave serial killers and their stories that can send chills down in our spines. Hence, if you are looking for the list of gruesome serial killers in the history of humankind, then go through the following list.

1. Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper is considered to be one of the most notorious serial killer world has ever seen. His story will give you chills in daylight. He was also known as ” co-ed killer because he used to kidnap school girls and took them to abandon the place. There he would brutally rape the victim and then slowly kill her. He was known to be suffering from mental disorder. Later, it was revealed that he killed six school girls after arguing with his mother. Finally, he killed his mother and her friend and was planning to leave the city, but then he decided to surrender in front of the police. His story had shaken everyone.

2. David Berkowitz

Any list of serial killers can ‘t be complete without mentioning his name. He is also known as “Son of Sam” or “The .44 Caliber Killer”. He would often target people sitting in the car as he would shoot them with .44 caliber pistol. When he was abducted he said that he killed people to satiate the father Sam’s need for blood and thereafter became the Son of Sam.

3. Richard Chase

He was known as ‘The Vampire of Sacrament”. He gained this name due to his gruesome way of killing the victim. He would drink the blood of the victim and also ate their internal organs. After his arrest, he has sentenced death and left in the gas chamber to die.

4. Luis Garavito

The Beast: He is probably the worst killer of the world. He was also referred as “The Beast” because he confessed to kidnapping, rape, and murder of 150 girls. Due to his demonic act, he was sentenced 1853 years in prison by Colombian court which was averted in 30 years by the court later on.

5. Ahmad Suradji

The Sorcerer: He belonged to Indonesia and cattle-breeder by occupation. He kidnapped and killed 42 girls after raping them. He used to bury them waist deep in sugarcane their head facing toward his home. He would think that it would give more power. He was given death sentence and hanged till death.

6. Alexander Pichushkin

The Chessboard Killer: His reason behind killing people was strange. He wanted to complete the squares of chessboard by killing people. It was reported that he used to allure lonely man by offering them to have a drink at his place. And then he used to kill them with repeatedly hitting hammers on victim’s head until it blows.

7. Andrei Chikatilo

The Butcher: This man had killed 53 women and kids. He confessed that whenever he pulled out his knife to kill someone, it would bring a psychological relief to him. He killed these people between 1978 and 1990 in Russia.

8. Patrick Wayne Kearney

He operated between 1975 to 1977 and often known as “Trash Bag Killer.” He had high IQ and when he was captured he said that killed 32 homosexual male. He said that he would wrap their body in a trash bag and dumped them around the highway.

9. Paul Knowles

The Casanova Killer: He was also known as “Casanova Killer”. He would use his charm and personality to attract victims toward him. He killed 18 people including male, female and children. He was killed by Florida police officer in 1974.

10. William Bonin

The Freeway Killer: He is considered to be the freeway killer. He had killed 21 young men in 1997-1980. He tortured, raped and killed his victims. He would dump their bodies along freeways in South California.

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