17 Weird & Shocking Rules Of North Korea Which Will Completely Blow Your Mind!


North Korea always remain in the news due to its eccentric dictator Kim jong-Un. Kim jong-Un has made his rules and regulations to govern North Korea which is extremely hard to digest for all civilized countries. Hence, today we would inform you about the 17 weird laws about the North Korea which will make you feel relieved that you have Indian citizenship and why India is the best country to live in.

Weird & Shocking Rules Of North Korea

North Korea has banned the telecast of all channels. Only three government allied channels have attained the permit to run in the country.

north jor

North Korea is the only one country across the globe who has sieged the US Navy Ship.


Well, in other nations, it is 2016 Year but in North Korea, they are living in 104 Year. North Korea does not follow the Christian calendar; it adheres to a unique calendar counted after the birth anniversary of KIM IL-Sung.


North Korea did not remain communist since “2009” when it initiated to follow its new ideology termed as “Juche.”

north korea juche idealogy

Recently, North Korea has abolished ban to all kind of sarcasm because ruler KIM Jong-Un thinks that mocking government publicly will spoil the image of the country. All the citizens are warned against all types of criticism.


North Korea is the only country where necrocracy rule is followed. It means the country is still operating under the standards of a dead ruler.


Keeping Pot is not illegal in North Korea. Even it is not being graded as Drugs here, and you can easily buy marijuana from local shopkeepers.


No tourist is permitted to click photographs of the country without the permission of the authorities. Their phones are confiscated at the airport after their landing.


In North Korea, you are not allowed to talk to a local. Guides prevail at everywhere; you can only talk to them.

Coca-Cola is banned in North Korea. So, if you love this beverage, so, you can spot this in North Korea.

Bottles of Coca Cola are seen in a store display in New York February 9, 2010. Coca-Cola Co reported stronger-than-expected quarterly sales on Tuesday as higher demand for its beverages in China, India and Brazil offset a drop in North America, sending the world's largest soft-drink maker's shares up 2.6 percent. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS FOOD) - RTR2A0NG

A teacher must know how to play accordion because of its big deal here.


North Korea has built a ghost city near the border of the South Korea to allure the citizens of South Korea toward it.


The Government of North Korea decides haircut of its people. It has sanctioned only 28 haircuts 18 for the ladies and 10 for the males, and they must get their haircut according to the given list. Otherwise, violating this rule will be considered as a punishable offense.


North Korea had watched the 2014 FiFA World Cup after 24 hrs of its telecast.

North Korea has three generation of punishment rule. For instance, if a person indulges in any criminal activity, then he will send to the jail, and his upcoming three generations will also spend their entire life in the prison to compensate the offense.


Blue Jeans are strictly prohibited in this country and wearing it could lead to death sentence.


On similar terms, Watching porn movies is considered as Sin and watching porn could lead one to a death penalty.


A government controlled radio is implanted at every house and shop. And nobody has right to turn it off.

North Korea has compiled a squad of 2000 beautiful girl and named it ” pleasurable Squad” to entertain top army personnel.


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