1962 The Wars in Hill Web Series Watch Online | Review, Cast, Story

1962: THE WAR IN THE HILLS Watch Online

1962 the Wars in Hill have finally released on Disney+ Hotstar. The web series is getting rave reviews from the critics who are liking the acting & direction of this web series. There is a strong buzz around this web series ever since the announcement had been made. Now when the web series released, fans are eagerly awaiting to watch the 1962 The War in Hills web series. So if you are also curious to know “Where can you watch 1962: The war in Hills web series online?” or “How can you watch 1962: The War in the Hills web series online for free?” So check out this post.

What is the story of 1962: The War in Hills Web Series?

The plot of 1962 The War in the Hills is inspired by the 1962 wars between India & China. China forcefully trespasses in Indian land and C Company which is led by Abhay Deol is hell-bent to vacate the hill from China’s Soldiers. This web series beautifully captures the war between India and China, the family of soldiers what goes on in their lives.

What is the review of 1962: The Wars in Hill Web Series?

This web series is a gripping tale of the bravery of the Indian Army. However, it stays away from Chest thumping and also focuses on the lives of soldiers. It shows the war away from war. All soldiers who have been shown in this show have a concrete backstory that gives the plot genuinely. Mahesh Manjerkar who has directed this show is able to bring emotions to the show. While watching the show, you can relate to the families of soldiers. You care for all the characters which is a win for the director. The story keeps you with, however, somewhere you’ll feel that the director is trying to forcefully make you emotional. Overall it is a good watch and you should not miss watching 1962: The Wars in Hill Web Series.

What is the star cast of 1962: The Wars in Hill Web Series?

This web series features an excellent star cast Abhay Deol, Mahie Gill, Akash Thosar, Rohan Gandotra, Hemal Ingle, Pooja Sawant, Sumeet Vyas, Rochelle Rao, Meiyang Chang.

How can you watch 1962: The Wars in The Hill Web Series?

You can watch 1962: The Wars in the Hill web series online on Hotstar + Disney OTT platform. However, to stream the 1962: The Wars in Hill web series on Hotstar + Disney app, you need to have a paid subscription to this app. Once you have the paid subscription to the Disney+ Hotstar app you can watch the 1962: The Wars in The Hill web series online.

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