King Cobra VS Black Mambas Find Out Who is more venomous and Dangerous In This Article

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Which Is World Largest Venomous Snake?

Snakes are the most dangerous species in the world. While talking about danger, the venomous snakes are experts in that. The two famous and most venomous snakes in the world are King Cobra and Black Mamba. The King cobra vs Black Mamba, both having unique nature and specialties’ to prove that, are the world’s largest venomous snake.

Characteristics of King Cobra:

King Cobras are dangerous species of snakes. They are considered as the King in Cobra species as well as in various venomous snake species. King Cobras could grow at the maximum length of 18 ft and weighs around 13 kg. King Cobras are commonly found in India, China, and Indonesia. The venom of Cobra species could easily kill more than hundred people at a time.

King Cobras have the ability to kill an elephant within a second as it generates more venom on a single bite causing the death immediately. King Cobra is dangerous venomous snakes as there is still no anti-venom has been found. King Cobras gains more popularity across the world. The snake eats small rat pythons, snake, and venomous snakes. They also eat spectacled cobra and krait snake. The King Cobras are fearless and has the ability to attack humans to defend by its own.

Characteristics of Black Mambas:

Both the snakes have their own characteristics and Black Mambas is considered the most dangerous snakes in the world. Black Mambas are commonly found in the Eastern and Southern parts of Africa. They differ from other types of snakes based on their Habits, Characteristics, and Appearance. Black Mamba eats only smaller animals such as lizards, birds, insects, and many others.

Black Mamba does not appear in the human presence or in the living area. Black Mamba would attack people when they are threatened. This snake is the longest venomous snake in the Africa Continent. Black Mambas are scarier as well as dangerous and the 14ft long Black Mamba could slither at a great speed up to 12.5 miles per hour. Within a fraction of seconds, Black Mamba will kill a human.

Unique details of Largest Venomous Snakes:

In the below-mentioned table, you can find the unique details of the largest venomous snakes (i.e.) King Cobra and Black Mamba.

ReptilesKing CobraBlack Mamba
Maximum Length18.8 ft14.6 ft
Average Length9.8 to 13 ft8.2 to 10 ft
AreaIndia, China, Malaysia, IndonesiaSouthern Africa and Eastern Africa
VenomCardiotoxins and NeurotoxinsCardiotoxins, Calciseptine, Neurotoxins
DietOther Snakes, RatsLizards, Rats, Birds, and Insects
Venom Quantity200 to 500 mg50 to 120 mg
StatusVulnerableLeast Concern

Which Is World Largest Venomous Snake?

Both king cobra and black mamba is the largest venomous snake in the world. Basically, the king cobra is considered as the iconic killer, whereas the black mamba is special for its fast and aggressive nature. King Cobra will face its prey with its brave nature. The black mamba is very unpredictable and one could not able to find its next move. So both will excel in their unique characteristics and skills.

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