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365 Days is one of the most famous of Netflix which released this year. The erotic thriller movie has a lot of fans and everyone is curious to watch 365 days movie online for free. However, a lot of people don’t know where they can watch online 365 days movie? Or on which OTT platform 365 movie is streaming? So if you have these questions in your mind, then we’d answer it in the following article.

What is 365 Days Movie is all about?

365 is a polish movie directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes. This movie is based on the first novel of the Trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska. The movie plot is quite interesting where a young woman who is in a boring relationship with a man falls for her kidnapper who imposes 365 days impose on her to fall in love with him. The movie has several hot scenes that have made it an immense hit with fans especially among the youngsters, however, the critics have heavily criticized this movie for its misogynist theme.

What is the Star cast of 365 Days Movie?

This movie stars Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, Bronisław Wrocławski, Otar Saralidze, Magdalena Lamparska, Natasza Urbańska and directed by Barbara Białowąs & Tomasz Mandes.

Where Can you Watch Online 365 Days Movie?

365 days movie is streaming online on Netflix. So you can watch online 365 days movie on Netflix. However, it is not free to watch 365 days movie on Netflix. You need to have a Netflix subscription to watch this movie or any other movie on this platform.

Is it possible to download 365 days movie on Netflix to watch offline?

Yes, it is possible to download 365 days movie on Netflix to watch offline. You can search for ‘ 365 days’ movie on Netflix and you’d see a down arrow button, clicking on this button starts the downloading. However, you can only watch this movie inside the app.

Is 365 days movie available in Hindi on Netflix?

No, this movie is not available on Netflix in Hindi. You can watch this movie with English subtitles.

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