4 Makeup Tips For Dusky Skin Tone Women To Look Like A Million Dollar


The Indians are obsessed with fair skin. However, in recent times, this perception has started deteriorating with more and more people have started raising their voice against this perception. According to general belief among the people that women with dusky complexion can’t-do much with makeup. This is totally a false perception prevailing around the globe. In recent times, many beauty pageants have been won by women with the dark complexion. You can see around you, there are many models and actresses who are winning accolades around the globe for the toxic dusky complexion.

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Thus, if you are born with tanned or olive complexion, then read the following makeup tips and tricks for dusky complexion which can make you catch the eyeballs.

Exfoliate regularly: Although tanned or dusky complexion does not require heavy makeup and it looks good without makeup even though, if you appear patchy and washed out if not taken care of. Hence, to wear a good makeup always exfoliate your skin. Before applying makeup on your skin do not forget to cleanse and moisturize your skin.

Before applying makeup on your skin wash your face with exfoliate face wash.

Make sure to find the right foundation: Choosing a right foundation for your skin tone is crucial because for a dusky skin if you will choose a foundation color lighter than your skin tone so it will not look impactful.

If possible you can mix two colors to create a perfect shade for your foundation.

If your skin is oily then go for water foundation on the other hand if your skin is dry so go for creamy based foundation.

Always remember to mix few drops of water in the foundation before applying it on your skin. It will help the color to get properly blend with your face and don’t look patchy after sometimes.

Never forget your neck while applying makeup while wearing foundation, else your face and neck will show two different shades!.

Highlight your Eyes: Women with dark complexion is blessed with beautiful and attractive eyes and lashes too.

Choose different colors for your eyelashes such as brown, prune, burgundy, and copper, don’t pick up pink or glittering colors because it won’t suit you.

Select the perfect color for your blush: The blush holds an important part in overall makeup for dark complexion. Therefore, choose colors for blush carefully. You should tend to select shades like deep orange rose and coral. Don’t choose brown or beige color because it won’t suit your skin.

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