Spyware Pegasus Used to Leak Data of Indian Journalists, Ministers, Oppositions, Businessmen

Spyware Pegasus

Here is shocking news for Indian cybersecurity agencies, because a spyware Pegasus is used to snoop on Indian Journalists, Ministers, Opposition, Scientists, and Businessmen.

What is Spyware Pegasus?

Pegasus is spyware, which was sold by the NSO Group of Israel. This spyware is used to conduct surveillance of any person using their mobile phone.

How did Spyware Pegasus use to snoop data of Indians?

Pegasus is a mobile Spyware that is inserted into smartphones in any online medium like WhatsApp. According to recent reports, the Pegasus spyware is found on many Indian top journalists, cabinet ministers, opposition leaders, scientists, constitutional authorities, etc.

According to reports, there are more than 300 Indians mobile numbers on the list which are used to leak the data. This list also includes many activists, businessmen, and other people from the legal fraternity.

This report was first published on Sunday by Wire a global web portal, which is a part of the Global Media Project. There are around 50,000 numbers in the leaked list.

This cyber-attack is a big security breach and needs the attention of Indian security agencies. In the future, we need to be prepared for such attacks.

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