5 Tips to clear NEET Exam Without Coaching

how to clear neet exam without coaching

how to clear neet exam without coaching

Are you going to sit in NEET Exam 2017, but, don’t know how to prepare for NEET exam 2017. Then read 5 important to crack NEET exam 2017 without coaching. In this cut-throat competitive era, it is important to know these five basic steps to reach at the Zenith of Success.


STUDY THE SYLLABUS AND PATTERN OF QUESTIONS ASKED SMARTLY: To Prepare for any exam, smartly analyze the syllabus and weightage to the topic. Make a list of the topics with number of questions asked from it over the years from last 10 year papers. These topics should be your top priority.


Do SWOT analysis: A management’s term very important in any part of life.


Make your Strength your biggest plus point at the same time converting your weakness in your strength by keeping an eagle’s eye at the opportunities ahead and overcoming your threats.


3.Give Equal time to all subjects: It has been in practice of students to keep devoting most of the time to one or two so called difficult subjects but if you notice marks for all subjects are equal generally, so by focusing on those neglected subjects a little more you can increase your score more than 25 to 30 marks.


4.Solve more and more mock tests and last year papers: As it is said ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ so practice last 10 year papers and mock test from different sites. Don’t go deep into the topics because we are preparing these to just clear the exams not to do P.hd in it.


5.Take Breaks and Chillax: Give yourself one day in the week say SUNDAY. This should be the day to chillax. Study as much hard as you can for six day and enjoy as much as you can on SUNDAY because it is equally important to have relaxed mind to overcome tensions and worries.



Best of luck for upcoming exams.


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