7 Ways to Slay in Party Wear Tops

Party Wear Tops

Flaunting your absolute best at any party is every woman’s wish, but not everyone knows the trick to style and shop for party wear tops that will slay all night long. There are a variety of tops that are flooded on online fashion websites so always choose wisely as per your style taste and body shape. But look nowhere! we have assembled for you the top picks and how to pair them up according to your style and occasion.

7 Ways to Slay in Party Wear Tops

1. Go Blingy  

If there’s a party, there’s got to be bling! You can transform your outfit with sizzling accessories or you can even opt for a sizzling blingy top. Sequin tops are perfect for such occasions. You can also go for tops with shimmery textures or shiny velvet tops. These kinds of women’s party tops add a different glow to your entire outfit. You can either pair them up with equally jazzy bottoms or go minimal with dark shades like black and blue. Another option is to style them with shiny faux leather pants.

2. Crop Tops & Skirts  

Crop tops are cute and appealing and when combined with skirts they become the ultimate party outfit! Crop shirts, slip crop tops, tube crop tops can be easily paired with high-waist skirts or shorts and give you a girl next door charisma. If you want an extra element then you can also go bold with puffed sleeves, ruffles, and organza effect flouncy crop tops. Style with matching accessories and you are good to go! 

3. Leather Up

Leather outfits never go out of style so you can count on this one for sure. Leather Women party wear tops paired with a short leather skirt or well-fitted skinny leather leggings are perfect for outdoor parties. Style them with long leather boots and a choker necklace. Shop leather essentials that suit your body shape and invest in good-quality leather. Be a sustainable consumer and only buy faux leather.

4. Make a Statement

Statement tops are so in right now that you should definitely have at least one in your closet. Statement tops are referred to those tops that have an exaggerating element that gives you a chic statement. It can have an element like a very wide puffed sleeve, ruffle effect, big bow, and so on. It is very easy to style these tops as the styling is minimal to keep your outfit look balanced. There are a lot of options in women’s party wear tops that can give you a statement look but it also has to align well with your body shape and size. For example, if you are apple-shaped and heavy from the top area of your body then it is advised not to wear puffy tops as they make you look bulky. Or if you are pear-shaped then flared tops will make you look broad. Styling yourself as per your body shape gives you the confidence to look sexy at any party!  

5. Off-Shoulder  

Off-shoulder party wear tops give you the perfect balance between comfy and sexy. Off-shoulder tops go best with outdoor pool parties. Opt for a simple striped top and pair them with your favorite denim shorts. Go for minimal accessories. There are a lot of options for off-shoulder party tops- flared tops, peplum off the shoulder, long off-shoulder tops, and so on.

6. Embellished Tops  

These tops include embroidered tops, jeweled tops patchwork, or any other kind of embellishment that adds grace to your outfit. For a club night with your gals, go for a bright embellished top with heavy embroidery and style with minimalistic earrings. For a simple night out with friends opt for a jazzy patchwork top to steal the show!  

7. Prints All the Way!

Prints are evergreen and automatically brightens up your look. Even a simple print can give you the ease to accessorize it without putting in any extra effort. Print comes in many colors and patterns. Geometric prints give you a well-defined structured look. Bright poppy prints are perfect for a summer getaway. A small floral print gives you a very feminine look. Your printed top should balance your body shape so if you’re on the petite size go for big and bold prints to give you a fuller look the same way if you are plus size it is recommended to take darker shades of print with smaller patterns on it. Don’t forget blingy accessories and matching shoes to go with those prints. They can be paired with denim, leather pants, high-waisted skirts depending upon the style and pattern!

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